What Is Your Dental Brand?

What Is Your Dental Brand, Attract More New Patients

Often times when I’m doing an initial exploratory call with a dentist I ask them what makes their practice different and why should someone come to them over the dentist next door?

Dental Branding That Works

One of the most important elements of your dental business is your brand. If you sound like every other dental office you are giving your potential new patient no reason to choose you.

In my opinion, after working with 100’s of dental businesses the past 9 years, I don’t think enough time is spent on defining your brand mission and how it benefits your patients.

With a dentist on every city block (and sometimes more than one), it is critical you stand out from the rest so you make it easy for someone to choose you as their dentist and not the one right next to you.

When it comes to branding it should be all about the consumer not about you. So many times when I analyze and diagnose website conversion issues, the most common issue is all the content talking about you, your practice and how great you are.

“People don’t care about you until you show you care about them.”

Don’t Be Like Every Other Dentist

When a dentist brings on my dental marketing agency I will schedule a series of calls with both you and your team. I want to dig out of you what makes you different. This can be a brutal discussion as I really need to push you and your team past your comfort zone and all the platitudes most dental offices use on their websites and marketing materials.

Here’s What Most Dental Offices Say:

  • We treat you like family
  • We are warm, caring, friendly and inviting
  • We offer free coffee and water
  • We have TVs in every operatory
  • Free Wifi
  • We remember your birthdays and anniversaries

I think you get the point, but let me ask you. Is this what you are saying and is on your website? If so, you are sounding like every other dental office in your area.

You want to be all those things don’t get me wrong, but you want a brand mission that is to the benefit of the consumer searching for a dentist that will get them to take notice and call your office.

It’s All About Them

I want you and your team to take a look at every page of your dental website. Take note of how many “we’s”, “I”, “us” and “our” is mentioned. Especially on your homepage. Now turn all of them into “you” and “your”. Watch how that little change now speaks directly to that website visitor right through their computer screen.

Now dig deep to come up with a value proposition or Unique Selling Proposition. Think of their fears and anxiety about going to the dentist and try to eliminate them with your branding and consistent messaging.

Example: I had a call with a new dental client and his team. After pushing them to near frustration the office manager blurted out, “our patients get in to see the dentist in 5 minutes”. Boom! A big frustration for most people is waiting to get in to see the dentist when they have other important things to do that day.

After I heard that we came up with, If Your Wait To See The Dentist Is Longer Than 5 Minutes – Dinner For 2 Is On Us!

We plastered that on the homepage, framed it in the reception room, on the front desk, in direct mail (postcards) and on all social media channels. We soon had people coming in mentioning that and it got a big buzz and still does today.

Recap: Dentistry is a very competitive environment. Apply what you just read and watch what happens.

Your Next Step

If you are a growth-minded dentist or own a dental group and want to take it to the next level, schedule an exploratory call with Founder Mike Pedersen, who has 19 years of digital marketing experience where he will do a live analysis of your online presence and give you strategies to improve it quickly.




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