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What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Dental Website Design Company

Dentist Losing New Patients

This is a painful topic for a lot of dentists. But I’ve got to get this off of my chest and let dentists (and orthodontists) know what to avoid when considering hiring a dental website design company. I take calls everyday from dentists and ortho’s who are beyond frustrated with their websites. The lack of … Continue reading “What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Dental Website Design Company”

How To Attract More Cosmetic Dentistry Patients And Get More High Value Cases

Do you want to learn how to attract more cosmetic dentistry patients? Would you like to be positioned as “the cosmetic dentist” in your area? Are you interested in getting more “fee for service” patients? If you answered yes to at least one of the above, you’ll want to read this article right now! Let … Continue reading “How To Attract More Cosmetic Dentistry Patients And Get More High Value Cases”

Optimize Your Dental Images For SEO

Dentists: Make sure to optimize all the pictures on your website.

One huge missing link to the majority of dental websites is image optimization. I’m going to try not to get too technical, but this is important stuff, and if you really want to get more patients from the Internet you’ll want to read this entire article. One of the biggest issues I have with most … Continue reading “Optimize Your Dental Images For SEO”

Do You Own Your Dental Website, Or… Just Leasing It?

Important Website Tips For Dentists

The majority of dentists I speak to do not have ownership of their practice

Discover Why Your Homepage Is Not Converting And How To Fix It

Dental Websites - Homepage Mistakes

We review and analyze over a dozen dental websites every week, and of those, approximately 70% of them are using a slider image in the first fold of their homepage. Image provided by Lead Pages I’m going to explain why you should eliminate this so-called feature (slider image), and how it will help with your … Continue reading “Discover Why Your Homepage Is Not Converting And How To Fix It”

Dentists: Is Your Homepage Missing These Critical Elements?

Dentist Losing New Patients

Today I want to discuss the importance of a user-friendly dental website homepage. I’v consulted with hundreds of dentists who are frustrated with the lack of results from the Internet (and their website). When we look at their website, the first thing we do is do a 5 second brush-over of their homepage to see … Continue reading “Dentists: Is Your Homepage Missing These Critical Elements?”

Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?

Internet Marketing For Dental Practices

I speak to dozens of dentists every week, and when I ask them, “do you have a dental marketing plan or strategy?” they look at me cross-eyed, or with a blank stare. That pretty much tells me they don’t! Gotta Be On The First Page Of Google With the majority of people now getting on … Continue reading “Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?”

Dentists Beware…You Better Read This!

Things Dentists Must Know Before Hiring A Dental Marketing Firm

I have got to get this off my chest as I am seeing this too often to let it go unmentioned anymore. I talk with dentists daily about their marketing challenges, frustrations and desires, and there are several issues that keep coming up, that I want to inform you of so that next time you … Continue reading “Dentists Beware…You Better Read This!”

Are You Marketing Your Orthodontist Practice?

Orthodontic Marketing To Attract New Patients

==> Click here to get your FREE Orthodontic Report! I have spoken to many orthodontists, and it’s a very lucrative profession, where investing in marketing can be a huge bump to your practice revenues. With each case being between $5,000-$6,000, and a profit margin around 50%, each new patient brought in from marketing can add … Continue reading “Are You Marketing Your Orthodontist Practice?”

Interview On Top Dental Podcast – Website Design And Usability

Thriving Dentist Podcast iTunes

I’m honored and privileged to have been interviewed by Gary Takacs, who has the top dental podcast on itunes. We spent nearly an hour discussing dental website design and usability. Specifically what to have on your website to get the best ROI. It’s unfortunate, but many dentists spend thousands (and sometimes up to ten thousand) … Continue reading “Interview On Top Dental Podcast – Website Design And Usability”

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