Website Design Expectations

What To Expect From Here

The next few weeks are going to be a fun ride – so welcome aboard!

To ensure everyone’s headed in the same direction, we thought it best to give you an “itinerary of expectations” for the start of your website design project.

This expectations document is going to help guide you through what your website design project consists of; and give you an idea of what kind of results to expect and when to expect them.

After commencement, we also send you weekly progress updates. Please note, your input and cooperation throughout the website build will be vital as to how quickly we can complete it! Now, what’s next?

At this point, we’ve received your down payment (50% of total investment), as well as signed agreement to start the project.

Week 1 – Gather Information

This is where we start gathering information from you regarding the look and feel you are wanting, as well as any image you’d like on the new homepage. This will be determined by looking at our custom dental websites, and coming up with the elements, colors, and overall feel you want for your new custom dental website.

Week 2 & 3 – Homepage Draft

This is where we will have received your hi resolution logo and start the rough draft of the homepage. We will have this ready in 2-3 business days for you to review.

Based on your feedback, we will modify (revise) the initial design. This is the first of 3 available revisions for the project. Depending on your input and how much revision is required, we will have the 2 draft of homepage within an additional 2-3 business days.

We will have you spend a few days reviewing this 2nd draft of homepage, and submit your feedback. Depending on what you submit, we will then (if needed) tighten up the design for the 3rd and final revision of the homepage. By this time, we would also like to have any images (or video) you’d like to have on the homepage, so we can have them ahead of time, and keep this process efficient.

Week 4 – Interior Pages

At this point, the homepage will be complete (with or without final images to use). The homepage is 80% of the design, as it is the frame for the entire website.

We will create the contact us page; schedule an appointment page; and one service page (ie Invisalign) for you to see and approve.

Week 5 – Live Development Site – On Page SEO Optimization

This is when it gets exciting!

You will see your live, fully functional custom dental website in action, just not on your hosting account yet, so no one but you and our design team will be able to see.

This is also where we will move over all your existing content that is on your current website, and also add the 6 written (and agreed) pages we created for you on this “dev” site. You will have this week to click around, and if you catch anything we may have overlooked, we fix it here.

At this phase, we will also be optimizing every page on your website for optimal on-page SEO for google. 

Week 6 – Website Conversion To Your Hosting Account

We are almost ready to unveil your new custom dental website to your patients and to google.

At this point all we have left is to go live on your own hosting platform.

This is were we will take final payment (remaining 50% of total website design investment per agreement). We cannot go live on your hosting until we receive this payment. Until final payment is received we still retain ownership of the website.

Once final payment is received, and your new hosting account is set up, we will need your hosting login, so we can upload your new custom, dental website.

Week 7 And Beyond – Custom Dental Website Is Done

This concludes our website design service – by now you’ll have an awesome new website to show the world!   After a couple of months, your site should be “indexed” by the search engines and getting some traffic.

Important: At this point and beyond, if you have any updates or changes you’d like to make, contact us and we’ll get back to with your options via our “service pack”, or individual quotes for work requested by you.

But did you want some traffic to your site fast? Want to create a bit of ‘buzz’ around it now? Then contact your Project Manager to discuss some great marketing techniques, such as online Press Releases, Infographics, etc – which get people sharing, talking, and visiting your new site!

**It’s also important to note that good website management and optimization is dynamic and requires regular upkeep; so contact us if you need a boost with traffic, conversion or ongoing website maintenance!

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