Do You Really Want More Patients?

Why Do You Want More Dental Patients?
I hope the title of this article got your attention. What I want to talk about today is your WHY.

I have talked to hundreds of dentists, and have posed this same question to them. The goal is to come away with your driving force in your life. We all have it, but most don’t give it enough thought to develop your “reason why” and therefore go through your life (and career) unhappy, confused, frustrated and feeling like it’s a roller coaster.

I heard a statistic that blew me away a while back. Dentist have the second highest suicide rate among all professionals. I do not want to make this a morbid article, but knowing this is all about awareness.

I’m the kind of person that wants to know why. And this startling statistic is thought-provoking to say the least. I can make conjecture and say it’s because dentists come out of dental school with huge debts that may take decades to pay off. They get burnt out, and have no other place to turn. Or, any other number of guesses, but the reason I bring this up is for you to get to your “why” and strive for that goal always.

Is It The Money?

Lets be real for a second. There is nothing wrong with saying money is important to you. Without money, life can be quite challenging, especially if you have a family.

But digging a little deeper will uncover the real reason for the money answer. Do you want it to live a higher standard of life? Fancy car, home and travel? Or, do you want the security it brings you and your family? These are the 2 main reasons why, but obviously there are many more. The bottom line is for you to recognize this and plan accordingly.


I have spoken to many dentists who when they first started dental school, they wanted the status of being a doctor. Again, nothing wrong with this, but many of them told me once they graduated, their desires had changed, and status wasn’t as high on the list as it was years earlier. Being called Doctor _________ just wasn’t that big of deal when it’s all said and done.


I’ve heard many dentists say they had a real passion to help people achieve



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