Video Marketing To Attract More Orthodontic Patients

As an Orthodontist, you have a huge opportunity to add massive revenues to your practice implementing video marketing. Video is exploding on the web, and most of your competitors are not taking advantage of it.

Nowadays, the play button is becoming “the most compelling call-to-action on the web,” to borrow the words from business leader Andrew Angus. In fact, research has found that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by a whopping 19%.

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Orthodontic Video Marketing

So lets talk about how you can implement video marketing in your orthodontic practice.

For the web, using a smartphone is more than enough. If you can prove to yourself you can do it in the first place, and actually get a few videos done, you can get a microphone that attaches to your phone to improve the quality of the audio.

Simple Video Tips

  • Hold the phone horizontal so the video looks good in the youtube video player.
  • Get close enough to have it from the chest up. Orthodontist should be seated.
  • Orthodontist should not be centered. Off to the side with a nice plant or certification in background to balance it.
  • 60-90 seconds for length.
  • No fluff, pure value in a concise manner.
  • Call to action at the end (ie. “please contact our office today at 555-555-5555).
  • Upload to youtube and embed on your orthodontic website.

Video Content For Orthodontists

This is where it gets fun (if you ask me 😉 )

The sky is the limit! People want answers, so you can come up with 10 different Invisalign videos. 10 braces videos. Videos specifically pertaining to teens and adults.

The bottom line is providing massive value in each video. Don’t waste the viewers time. Answer their most pressing questions, and do it quickly.

Also, “vs” type videos are very popular. So for example traditional braces vs invisalign.

Videos Are Great For SEO

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the biggest search engine in the world…GOOGLE!

Orthodontists are missing out on massive opportunities to attract more patients by not using video.

Orthodontists using SEO can add 5-10 or more new patients a month when they are in the top 3 positions in google organic. Especially among adults who are looking to improve their smiles, but may not have a dentist, and don’t want to talk about it to friends.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Website…

Proven Marketing Services For Your Orthodontist Practice
I have spoken to hundreds of dentists and orthodontists about this!

When people land on a dental or orthodontic website, they want to see who is going to be inside their mouths. Doesn’t that make sense? Yes, a picture of yourself is a must, but video will convert those visitors into phone calls at a much higher rate.

Orthodontic Marketing

If you want to grow your practice, then orthodontic marketing is a must.

I’m talking about Website Design and Usability for more conversions. Content Marketing that provides value and guides the visitor into calling your practice and not your competitors. Reputation Marketing to gain more reviews on platforms like Google+ and others. And lastly, the topic of this article, Video Marketing.

By creating a marketing strategy, and implementing on that strategy, you can really zone in on how much you want to grow in regards to revenues, and knowing on a monthly basis your ROI from your marketing.

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