How To Grow Your Porcelain Veneer Revenues

Click This Link To Schedule Your Call With Me We talk with dentists every week who enjoy doing cosmetic dentistry (specifically porcelain veneer cases) and would like to do more of them but don’t have the online presence in place to convert more website visitors into new patients. Understanding Consumer Mindest Getting into the mind … Continue reading “How To Grow Your Porcelain Veneer Revenues”

Is Your Dental Website Losing You New Patients?

We have analyzed over 2500 dental websites and keep finding glaring issues over and over again, and many of these websites were created by the big dental marketing companies out there. You’ll know who I’m referring to so I don’t need to mention them in this article The #1 Goal Of Your Dental Website Any … Continue reading “Is Your Dental Website Losing You New Patients?”

Is Your Orthodontic Website Converting Visitors Into Patients?

Let’s hope when a woman (or mom) lands on your orthodontic website she doesn’t react like this! The number one goal for your orthodontic website is to get people to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. That’s it! When you are designing your ortho website, you must keep this in mind, when it … Continue reading “Is Your Orthodontic Website Converting Visitors Into Patients?”

Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?

Internet Marketing For Dental Practices

I speak to dozens of dentists every week, and when I ask them, “do you have a dental marketing plan or strategy?” they look at me cross-eyed, or with a blank stare. That pretty much tells me they don’t! Gotta Be On The First Page Of Google With the majority of people now getting on … Continue reading “Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?”

Reasons Why Your Dental Website May Need A Redesign

Do You Need A Dental Website Redesign? I speak to dentists every week who are not happy with the results of their dental website. They don’t know why it’s not performing, as many of them invested $5,000-$8,000 or more with a big national, dental firm who promised “amazing results”, and it just didn’t happen. Don’t … Continue reading “Reasons Why Your Dental Website May Need A Redesign”

Does Your Website Have A Purpose?

dental website design

There is only one (maybe two) real reason(s) to have a website for your local business. First for people to find you when they search on keywords that match your services; and secondly to be encouraged to call you and complete a transaction, which we refer to as a “direct response” website. Anything else is … Continue reading “Does Your Website Have A Purpose?”



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