When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Dental Website?

Many dentists we talk to nearly forget about their website and don’t place much value on them. When I ask them the last time they updated or refreshed their website they don’t know.

Your Website Is Your Online Hub For Your Dental Business

Your website is the hub to your entire dental business on the Internet. It is a very important factor in attracting new patients and current patients easily interacting with it.

Picture this…

Imagine someone is walking by your dental office on the sidewalk. The sidewalks have cracks in them and have not been swept off. Your front door has chipped paint. The entryway has cobwebs. Your storefront windows have special offers you don’t even promote anymore, and they are pealing off. And then… if they were to walk in you have old, rickety chairs, chipped faded paint on the walls and it has a musty smell to it.

Okay…the above scenario may be extreme but that’s what people think and feel about your practice if you have an outdated website. Unfortunately if they know nothing about you, they will equate poor service to your business because the misrepresentation the website created.

Your Website Is For Women

Statistics show that over 85% of all household decisions are made by the woman. This is critical to know as most of them are very busy, doing multiple things at the same time, so your website better look good upon first visit, and it better get them the information they are looking for fast and easily; especially on mobile devices where over 70% of all searches are happening now.

Have your staff take a look at your website as if they are looking for a new business or service. Get their unfiltered, honest feedback. If they state any frustration or dislike of the design, it’s time for an update or redesign for your website.

Time For A Rebrand?

If it has been 3 or more years since you’ve updated or redesigned your website, it might be time to do a rebrand to revitalize your dental business. This rebranding could be everything from your logo, colors, brochures, flyers, appointment cards, marketing pieces like your dental postcards, and lastly, and most importantly your website.

Google Wants 2 Updates A Month

The pages (words) on your website are like food to google. Google wants to be fed consistently to stay happy (rank ) with your website. If you have not added any content to your website for 6 months or more, which is what we hear most of the time, google has devalued your website. Every time they come to it and see nothing has changed, your website gets lower and lower in googles’s eyes.

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