Ultimate Patient Experience With David Moffet

Ultimate Patient Experience With David MoffetDr David Moffet, is the creator of the Ultimate Patient Experience; author of the Amazon best-selling book, How To Build The Practice Of Your Dreams; and dentist that in his last full year of his practice (2011) billed $1.8 million in practice revenues himself, and the practice in total did $3.2 million…shares some actionable tips to improve the patient experience i your dental practice in today’s Your Dental Success podcast.

As you may or may not know, San Diego is a very competitive, saturated market for dentists. To be successful in that market David has done a lot of things right, and he shares some of his strategies in this episode.

We hope you get some good takeaways, and can implement them in your practice right away, to grow your revenues. That is the main goal of our podcast.

As always, we hope you enjoy it and give us a 5 star review in itunes, and if you have feedback, use the contact form to let us know.

Here was what we discussed in todays Your Dental Success podcast:

  • Your book covers a lot, but would you be willing to give a few nuggets to our listeners, and if they want, they can go get it afterwards?
  • Can you talk about what it means to have customer service eyes like you mention in your book?
  • You also mention “signs” in the waiting room and throughout the practice, and what to avoid. Can you tell our listeners?
  • I like how you talk about Creating A Winning Team. And that starts with Leading By Example at the start of the day. Would love to hear some simple tips to help dentists do that.
  • Being an ex-jock I like your analogy of pinch-hitting. Can you elaborate just a bit on that with some examples?
  • In the book you also refer to the “on-board terrorist”. I’ve dealt with a few of those in working with dentists. Can you tell our listeners what you are referring to?

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How To Build The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams

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