Energize Your Body, Mind And Your Practice With Dr Uche Odiatu

Our guest is Dr Uche Odiatu. He is a practicing dentist, keynote speaker, author and wellness expert with multiple fitness certifications.

This is a MUST LISTEN for sure!

Energize Your Body – Energize Your Mind – Energize Your Practice

Dr Uche says…

“There’s no doubt each of us wants to have a top level practice. There’s no doubt we want to feel fulfilled in the process. There’s no doubt we want to have a happy personal life. The challenge with putting your practice first is that your body and family will be tied for second place.”

In this cutting edge podcast, best selling wellness author, international lecturer, personal trainer and practicing dentist Dr Uche Odiatu, will share, inspire & most of all energize you into making your personal health & fitness top priority. And by doing this you will enjoy a pain-free body, a youthful mind & boundless energy to build and grow the practice of your dreams.

Dr Odiatu’s book, The Miracle of Health is available on Amazon in hard cover or in electronic form for Kindle/Ipad

Business Website: Dr Uche
Facebook: Uche on Facebook

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