Top Invisalign Provider Partners With The Dental Boost

We are proud to announce a partnership with Dr David Eshom, a top cosmetic dentist in San Diego, in bringing an Invisalign Marketing System to dentists who want to increase their Invisalign production and reach top levels in Invisalign. Dr Eshom is the premier Invisalign provider in San Diego, doing more cases each month than any orthodontist in the area. Over the years he has developed an Invisalign production machine in his practice, and now with The Dental Boost is bringing it out to dentists who qualify to work with us.

Private Invisalign Facebook Group

For dentists who come aboard and become clients, they will also be part of a group of elite dentists in our private facebook group, where Dr Eshom, founder of The Dental Boost Mike Pedersen, and others will share tips, strategies and processes to quickly ramp up your Invisalign production.

Become The Top Invisalign Dentist In Your Area

The goal for all our clients is to help you become the top Invisalign provider in your area. We will achieve this through positioning, branding, digital marketing strategies, and content marketing that will present you as the authority for Invisalign in your city.

Our initial goal is to get you to 10 Invisalign cases per month as quickly as we can. That is $500K in new revenues annually for your practice.

Join The Movement Today

Contact us today to see if you qualify to become a client in our system. You can schedule a call with Dr Eshom or Mike Pedersen to explore the opportunity.



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