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Are You Marketing Your Orthodontist Practice?


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I have spoken to many orthodontists, and it’s a very lucrative profession, where investing in Orthodontic Marketing can be a huge bump to your practice revenues. With each case being between $5,000-$6,000, and a profit margin around 50%, each new patient brought in from marketing can add 6 figures to your income annually.

Most of the new orthodontic patients coming in are from either a dentist referring, or family and friends. But…with that said, there are substantial amount of people who know their child needs braces, so they get online and search.

Just imagine the number of people that are new to your area. They have recently moved and do not have a dentist, but know their child needs braces. That’s your target market online.

Orthodontic SEO

Searching For An Orthodontist In Google

With moms being the decision makers for their children, they are getting online, going to google and typing in their city + orthodontist.

Have you checked that lately for your practice? Are you on the first page? If so, are you high or near the bottom? I ask, because the click through rate changes dramatically from the top of the first page to the bottom. And…if you are on the 2nd page or beyond, forget it.

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Mothers are not going beyond the first page!

The orthodontists that are at the top, are implementing SEO strategies. We have helped dozens of dentists and orthodontists achieve top of first page rankings, and seen their revenues sore.

Reputation Marketing

As mentioned above, mothers will spend the needed time online reading reviews of orthodontists before they pick up the phone. Whoever has the best online reputation will get the call.

Do you have a reputation marketing strategy in place? Are you building a 5-star reputation in your city? If not, it’s time to get going if you want to beat out your local orthodontic competitors.

Orthodontic Reviews On YelpMothers will head on over to Yelp, as that is a very popular review site. Then they might type in the orthodontists name + review in the search bar to see other review sites.

Because getting braces is not a small investment, they will take the time to do their due diligence.

Educational Marketing Using Content

Marketing For Orthodontists

When mothers get online to look for an orthodontist, they are in research mode. They will do what I mentioned above, plus be looking to get their questions answered. The orthodontist who does this on their website, will get all the calls.

We offer a service we call “orthodontic content marketing” that entails our top dental writers to produce 4 lengthy, educational articles per month on your website, that then get shared on all the social media channels.

This serves 2 purposes.

1. You are making it easy for your visitor to consume the information to make an informed decision to call your practice.

2. You are “feeding” google new, fresh, unique and valuable content on a regular basis, and google will reward you with an authority website that will rank high in google for hundreds of terms related to what you offer, which ultimately will get you more visitors, and then patients.

So to recap, it can be very lucrative for you, the orthodontist to implement digital marketing in to your budget. With such a high transaction value per patient, and excellent profit margins, now is the time.

The ball is in your court!

The next step is to contact us to explore the opportunities together.

Orthodontists: Here’s How To Get More Patients

Successful OrthodontistIf you’re an orthodontist, you have huge potential to grow your practice via the internet, with the right marketing strategies in place.

With each new patient ranging from $4500-$7,000, you can quickly add a tremendous amount of monthly and annual revenue to your practice.

My son recently had braces, and it was a little longer than we’d hoped, but we’re happy with the result, and he smiles a lot more, so that’s a good thing.

The orthodontists I talk to and it’s been dozens and dozens, have said the majority of their new patients come from referrals of local dentists near their office. That makes a lot of sense, but what about all those internet searches for an orthodontist in your locale?

I can assure you there are more than enough on a monthly basis searching for braces in your area to add a substantial amount of income to your practice. Imagine if your new internet marketing plan helped you attract and get signed up 10 new patients a month on top of what you’re currently producing

We’re talking about easily $50,000 or more per month in new revenue. Wouldn’t that be worth looking into a comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan to achieve this?

Attract New Orthodontics Patients With Proven Marketing

Educate Them

Getting braces for your child, or yourself is not an impulse purchase. Either it takes a strong referral from a dentist you trust, or a friends orthodontist, or a website that answers all the questions you have pertaining to orthodontic procedures.

The best way to educate a visitor on your website is through articles (blog), and videos. These 2 forms of content marketing are powerful. If done with a strategy in mind, they can help you build what we call an “authority” website that reassures visitors your the orthodontist of choice for your area.

The more questions you can answer using these 2 mediums, the more phone calls you’ll get from the Internet and your website.

Email Marketing

A very effective way to keep your practice in the “top of the minds” of your prospective new patients is email marketing. That is offering some kind of free white paper in exchange for their email address.

Now you’ve got multiple opportunities to email highly valuable content to them to help them make an informed decision to go with you and not your competitor.

Crafting email content that engages and initiates an action is an art, so don’t take this lightly. They gave you their email address without knowing you, so don’t blow it by sending out sales pitches, or crappy content.

Video Marketing

This is where you can take the lead and “own” your area for braces. Video on the web is exploding, and most orthodontists are slow to embrace it. This gives you an upper hand if you take the bull by the horns and start producing videos. Video marketing

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by the biggest search engine (google).



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