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Is Your Practice Website Mobile Responsive?

Google Mobile UpdateBack on April 21st, google did a major update regarding mobile responsive websites.

If your dental practice website is not mobile-friendly, you will now get penalized in mobile search.

As google states on their own blog, this will not affect desktop or tablet search results, only mobile (phone).

We’ve known for a long time that mobile search is growing rapidly. People are jumping on their phones to search for local businesses that are close to them.

Over 50% of mobile searches are for local businesses. This is a massive opportunity for a dentist.

You may think your practice website is mobile optimized because it shows the page on a phone. This is far from the truth. You can quickly see if your website is optimized for mobile devices using the googles mobile-friendly test tool.

Dental Website Redesign

If you haven’t updated your website in 6 months or longer, and it is not mobile-optimized, this might be a perfect time for you to do a website redesign. You can get a more current, up-to-date looking website that performs beautifully on all devices, including phones.

Unfortunately, I’ve discussed this in previous articles, and on dental podcasts, that the majority of dental websites are made in a cookie-cutter fashion, with duplicate content, and stock images that do not represent your practice appropriately.

Your practice is a brand!

You need to differentiate your practice from your competitors who are within blocks of your practice. I recently had a strategy session with a dentist, and when I researched his practice in the google maps, I found out he had 8 other competing dentists on the SAME BLOCK!

FYI – all of our custom, dental websites for clients are mobile-optimized.

What is Mobile-Friendly?

When you look at a website on your phone, it should not be a webpage all scrunched up with the text so small you can possibly read it. Same with the images and even video.

The key elements are easy “click-to-call” button. A location button that shows where your practice is located on the maps. And a video of you, the dentist talking about your practice and what people can expect when they schedule an appointment.

After that, you could have some before-and-after images, as well as a few reviews.

That is all you really need on your mobile website for people to quickly make a decision to call your practice and make an appointment.

Don’t lose all those potential new patients to your competitors who are mobile-friendly.

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