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Is Your Dental Practice Ranked In The Maps Section Of Google?

Google Plus Local Business Listings For Dentists In New YorkOne of the coveted spots to own is the “A spot” in the maps section of google.

This has been shown to attract a lot of eyeballs and calls for local businesses.

There is a good reason for this response by searchers in google. When you see a business listing in the maps section of google, you see all the information you really need to see to make an informed decision to call that business.

You see their exact location on the map; their phone number is visible in the listing; and their reviews and star rating is there for you to see.

Also, the reviews are clickable, so it takes you right to their reviews from current customers (or patients), so you can read a few and get a feel for the business.

Can you see why this is very critical for you to have your dental practice ranked high in the maps section?

Even though the majority of everyday people are not on google plus, google owns the game when it comes to Internet search, so if you want to get your share of new patients from Internet searches, you’ve got to be in the maps ranking on the first page.

Ranking Factors

There are well over 200 ranking factors that go into getting your practice on the first page high up in the maps section, but here are several that are critical.

Ranking Factors For Google

This may look like gibberish to you, as you are a dentist not an SEO or marketing professional, but I can assure you these factors are labor-intensive, and need to be done by a credible firm that gets results.

It’s not as simple as creating your google+ local page and thinking it will be on the first page. If it were that easy, all your competitors would be Number One, which we know is not the case.

We can strongly assume that the maps listing in google is getting more phone calls than clicks, but that is what you ultimately want for your practice. Calls that turn into new patients.

The clicks from the maps section might be on the Reviews link so people can read what your patients are saying about your practice.

Don’t Be Confused

Google used to call it Google Places, and now they’ve changed it to Google Local.

Another important issue is to “claim (or verify) your listing. You must “own” your listing so that no one else can access it and modify it.

We have seen this with dozens of our dental clients who had a company create the page and verify it, and then when the dentist moved on they had no control or way to log in.

Getting Google Reviews

How are you getting google reviews for your practice from your patients?

It can be very tricky, and be difficult for a patient to go through the hoops google makes you to write a review.

That is why we can do it for you. In fact, we offer a very effective service to get “real reviews” from your patients, and make sure google posts them.

The value in this is you will have a credible business in the eyes of the visitor on google. The more positive reviews you can get, the more calls (new patients) you’ll get.

That can be worth thousands of dollars a month in new revenues for your practice!

Thriving Dentist Podcast On Google Maps

Talking Google Maps on Thriving Dentist podcast

I was fortunate to do a podcast with the most popular dental podcast on itunes, where I discuss everything you need to know about Google Maps and how to attract more patients.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Listen to it while you’re driving to your office; working out; doing yard work; or just relaxing on the couch.

It is worth your time if you are serious about attracting more new patients from the Internet.

The google landscape is changing by the day, so unless you educate yourself, you will be fighting an uphill battle against your competitors.

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Dentists – You Better Be On Google Plus

Google Plus For DentistsThe title was meant to wake you up if you own a dental practice and are not on google+ yet.

By the end of this article, my hope is you will head on over ASAP and get set up on google plus, both with your profile AND your business listing, which is called Google+ Local.

As of right now, google owns the game. Most people search on google when they are looking for a local service or business, such as a dental practice.

Because of this, we need to play their game. And part of that is joining Google Plus via a gmail account. It is somewhat straight forward, but can be a little frustrating at first. Just hang in there, because it will be worth it in the end.


Google Local Business Listings For Dentists

Google Plus Local Business Listings For Dentists In New YorkI want you to take a look at the image to your right.

See in the red box? That is the prominent “first page” section of google that is for businesses. See how they are ABOVE the organic (natural) rankings?

This is critical for you to grasp, as studies show people click on results that are higher on the page, and these listings are right below the google ads, which most people ignore, as they know they are ads.

Which puts them right in the site line of the visitor, therefore garnering a majority of the clicks.

There are over 200 local ranking factors to consider if you want to rank high in the coveted maps section of the first page of google.

Google Reviews

Another critical factor with having your google+ local listing is the ability to get reviews from happy patients. Google is weighing more importance on reviews, and they are most definitely affecting rankings in both the business and natural listings.

As google builds out this entire plan, you’ll soon see how it all integrates, and how important it is to have it all in place going forward.

These reviews are not only important for rankings, but people are taking more time in researching local businesses, including dental practices, and they are definitely reading the reviews.

If you don’t have any, and your competitor does…they win! If you have negative reviews and your competitors have positive ones…they win again!

google-local-orthodontic-reviewsNotice my client above. He’s got 10 reviews, and nearly a perfect score…and his picture is showing because the authorship has been done correctly. FYI – he is the ONLY google+ local business listing showing a photo.

The power to affect your practice is definitely in the hands of your patients, so hopefully your “in-office” procedures are at the highest level to produce great reviews.

Google+ Profile

I know this can get confusing, but your profile is more of a personal page, but equally as important to your overall google and search engine marketing strategy. You see…your profile gives you the opportunity to link out to all your web properties like your dental website, blog, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, and any other social account you have created.

Google will see all of these links pointing out to your properties and give you a higher ranking in the search results. This is not the only strategy you should use to rank in google, but it’s an important one to say the least.

Your profile also gives you an opportunity to show more of the personal side to you so people can see your likes, interests, family and passions. This brings a “human touch” to you on the Internet. People will see you as real and someone they want to work with.

Google Authorship

google-authorship-orthodontistI don’t want to get too technical in this article, but in future articles I will go in much greater depth on each topic.

What authorship does is allow you to “own your content”. When google sees you author profile linked to your content, they will start building a trust in you as a top notch dentist, and this in turn will help you get your content ranked higher in google, bringing you more traffic to your website, and potential calls to your practice.

This is a client of mine ranked first page google for a great term, and notice his picture is the ONLY one on the page. That is because we have implemented google authorship, and it’s working nicely. When you see an image next to a result, you are more apt to want to click on that result.

Also google, has another link called “More By” which people can click on to consume more of the content of your website. Can you see how powerful this is? And, how given this example, no one is doing it in the dental niche?

In the dental niche, authorship is not being implemented at all (except for my clients 😉 ); which gives you a huge advantage over your local competitors. If you can be first to market with authorship, you will start to own the first page of google with your content.

I’m going to end this article now, but I hope this has opened your eyes to what google is up to with google+, and what you need to do to win over your local market. This was not meant to be a “how to” article; I’ll do that in the near future.

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