Your Dental Content Is Repelling Patients

Click here to schedule a time to talk about your website To be realistic, most people (85% are women) searching for a dentist will not read much of the content on your website, but… if they do you want them to resonate with it. Unfortunately, all the dental websites we see fail miserably at it. … Continue reading “Your Dental Content Is Repelling Patients”

Is Your Dental Website Losing You New Patients?

We have analyzed over 2500 dental websites and keep finding glaring issues over and over again, and many of these websites were created by the big dental marketing companies out there. You’ll know who I’m referring to so I don’t need to mention them in this article The #1 Goal Of Your Dental Website Any … Continue reading “Is Your Dental Website Losing You New Patients?”

How Important Is Your Domain Name For Your Dental Practice?

I’ve spoken to hundreds of dentists on the phone, of which I’m fortunate some of them hired my firm. One issue that comes up a lot is choosing a domain name for your dental practice. Domain names are your web address and should be branded to your business name if at all possible. Google moving … Continue reading “How Important Is Your Domain Name For Your Dental Practice?”

Do You Really Want More Patients?

I hope the title of this article got your attention. What I want to talk about today is your WHY. I have talked to hundreds of dentists, and have posed this same question to them. The goal is to come away with your driving force in your life. We all have it, but most don’t … Continue reading “Do You Really Want More Patients?”

Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?

Internet Marketing For Dental Practices

I speak to dozens of dentists every week, and when I ask them, “do you have a dental marketing plan or strategy?” they look at me cross-eyed, or with a blank stare. That pretty much tells me they don’t! Gotta Be On The First Page Of Google With the majority of people now getting on … Continue reading “Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?”

Missed Calls Are Costing You Thousands Per Month

Our call tracking software sends you a text message for any missed call.

We have spoken to (and consulted with) dozens and dozens of dental practices in the

Not Getting New Patients From The Internet?

We are getting inundated with calls and emails from dental practices all over the country that are not getting new patients from the internet. Have you hired an SEO company that promised first page results and more patients but it just didn’t happen? We hear the same story over and over again. It’s unfortunate this … Continue reading “Not Getting New Patients From The Internet?”

3 Ways To Grow Your Business

Business Guru Jay Abraham

If you’re a business owner, you want to make more money. Whether it’s for a better lifestyle for you and your family, or…you have employees with families and you’ll feel responsible for making sure they keep their jobs with you. One of the most famous marketers of our time Jay Abraham discusses the 3 ways … Continue reading “3 Ways To Grow Your Business”

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