Steve Parker – Dental Practice Growth Strategies – Episode #31

Steve Parker On Your Dental Success podcast Steve Parker is the Editor In Chief for The Profitable Dentist; President of Excellence In Dentistry, offering dental practice management, coaching and products designed to aid general dentists in developing growth strategies for their solo practices and small managed groups. Steve is also the founder and owner of WhiteRock Dental Lab, as well as a nationally known speaker.

Here is what we talked about: Starting with the end in mind (practice strategy)

  • Starting with the end in mind (practice strategy)
  • Why is a business strategy even important in a dental practice?…isn’t it just to make as much as I can, then retire?
  • What does strategy vs tactics look like in my daily routine.
  • Find your decision tree: filter you run every strategic decision thru; is it good for patient, practice, team, you…in that order.

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