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How To Get More Patients From Facebook Using Boosted Posts

As you already know, Facebook is massive! What I want to show you in this article is how you can shoot a simple video using your smartphone and leverage it on Facebook to your exact target market to attract more new patients to your practice. Sound good? We have been urging our dental clients to … Continue reading “How To Get More Patients From Facebook Using Boosted Posts”

Facebook Live To Engage With Your Patients #17

Jack Hadley discusses the emergence of the new Facebook Live video feature and gives dentists tips on how to effectively use it, as well as turning patients into advocates via social media. And finally, he talks about the use of email to engage with patients and how to do it with great success in your … Continue reading “Facebook Live To Engage With Your Patients #17”

How Facebook Can Get You 20 New Patients A Month And Fast

Dentists Should Be Marketing On Facebook

Discover How To Leverage Facebook And Increase Your Practice Revenues Quickly Of all the dental practices we speak with, many have now at least grasped the importance of having a Facebook page. Many are not utilizing it properly, but I’m happy to see you have a page at a minimum. For the time-being Facebook is … Continue reading “How Facebook Can Get You 20 New Patients A Month And Fast”

Social Media: Should Dentists Jump Aboard?

(BTW, disregard the stethoscope, we know you don’t use them in your practice, but it is very hard to find a dentist image to use.) You’ve heard it and now seen the power of social media, with the IPO’s of Facebook and recently Twitter. How does this relate to you… and why do you care? … Continue reading “Social Media: Should Dentists Jump Aboard?”

Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?

Internet Marketing For Dental Practices

I speak to dozens of dentists every week, and when I ask them, “do you have a dental marketing plan or strategy?” they look at me cross-eyed, or with a blank stare. That pretty much tells me they don’t! Gotta Be On The First Page Of Google With the majority of people now getting on … Continue reading “Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?”

Dentists: Who Really Is Doing Your Social Media Marketing?

I had to write this post this morning, as I have seen more than enough of my share of social media for dentists that is being done by overseas firms. It’s to the point now, I’m actually embarrassed for the dentist, as this is a direct representation of your business and brand online.

Does Internet Marketing For Your Dental Practice Overwhelm You?

Look at all the Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategies in the below image. This is just a few of them you should be implementing to get more patients for your dental practice. Like a lot of dentists we speak to, it can be overwhelming to stay up on all the internet marketing strategies that are … Continue reading “Does Internet Marketing For Your Dental Practice Overwhelm You?”

How To Get More Dental Patients With Twitter


As a dentist, I’m sure you’ve heard how important social media is in attracting more new patients. And twitter should be near the top of your list in regards to time investment. The younger demographic is exploding on twitter at the moment. You need to seize that market, and engage with them. The big issue … Continue reading “How To Get More Dental Patients With Twitter”

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