Social Media: Should Dentists Jump Aboard?

Dentist Using Twitter With His Patients
Dentist Enjoying His Tweeting

(BTW, disregard the stethoscope, we know you don’t use them in your practice, but it is very hard to find a dentist image to use.)

You’ve heard it and now seen the power of social media, with the IPO’s of Facebook and recently Twitter. How does this relate to you… and why do you care?

The 6 million dollar question for you, the dentist is…should you devote staff time to engaging on social media?

Think about this for a second…

Social Media Statistics

Facebook has over 1.19 billion active monthly users. Of which, 728 million daily!

1 in 5 young adults (18-35) use Twitter. They are adding 300K users per DAY!

92% of consumers trust peer reviews, of which many of them are via social media.

Your patients are on the Internet daily (if not multiple times per day). They are seeking information. Engaging with peers, as well as businesses in their city. If you are not engaging with them, your competitor will, and they reap the benefits of high growth and revenues.

You can’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to your patients online conversations. They are happening all day, everyday!

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