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Most dentists do not show much interest in the subject of SEO. The primary reason behind this is that they did not get expected results and all their investment on SEO has gone down the drains. This article will tell you why this happens and how to get SEO done the most effective way.

Competition For Dental SEOs Is At An All Time High

In any city, there are dozens of dentists who attempt to get the top rankings in Google with keywords like ’city dentist’, without any significant results. The reason for gunning for the top rank is obvious and that is why we at Dental Boost have done extensive research to understand the root cause behind the failure of this approach.

Firstly, when SEO is done with common keywords like ‘city dentist’ or ‘cosmetic density city’ it takes a long time to fetch results as everyone else is using the same keywords. Secondly, most people actually do research on the net and do not actually buy the services then and there. Hence, it is important that the dental website is designed in an attractive, easy to find information layout which will keep the visiting customer glued on to your website.

As per American Dental Association and confirmed by local dentists, a city with 100,000 residents has an average number of 60-100 dentists. You can well imagine that even if 20% of those 100 dentists hire SEO companies to get them top ranks using common keywords, you have a competition with 20 such dentists. To add to that, if your website is not maintained on a regular basis, chances are strong that its Goggle friendliness would be taking down and it would have a very poor rank already.

Factoring all these constraints, it could take anything from 6 to 12 months to achieve that 1st page rank. There are dentists who not only failed to get the rank even after a full year, but also got penalized by Google for poor SEO tactics.

Dental SEO – A New Approach

With our new approach towards dental SEO, our method is unparalleled to any other SEO technique in the field of dentistry. The uniqueness, speed and efficacy that we promise with our SEO methods, cannot be matched by any other SEO company in the US. Refer to the image below.

Buyer Intent Dental SEO by The Dental Boost

Dental SEO Using Buyer Intent Keywords

The term long tail in SEO means a keyword phrase which has three or more words in it. Usually long tail is associated with specific search requests by the users.

A person, who is ready to book an appointment online, would search with more specific keywords and not the generic ones like ‘city dentist’. They would be more specific like ‘female city dentist’.

We at Dental Boost have determined over 1000 ‘buyer intent’ keyword phrases which are used by buyers when the search the internet with the intent to buy and not to mere research.

If you have ever spoken to a general SEO company you would know that they usually target the main keyword and its related phrases, which sum up to a total count of maximum 15 keywords. With over a hundred buyer intent keyword phrases, we strive to get the first page rankings for our clients within shortest time possible (see image below). This allows higher traffic to the website, which will eventually get converted into appointment calls at your facility. Our resources are dedicated towards realizing this vision which no other SEO company in US would dare to think about.

The Dental Boost – Most Preferred SEO Company For Dentists

While it is true that the search volume with the approach would be less, but if the combined searches in the top image is being considered, it is certainly much greater and better suited for your purpose. 90% of the whole keyword spectrum is getting covered with this method!

Hypothetically speaking, even if you get one successful search a month for every buyer intent keyword phrase, with hundreds of such phrases being used for the SEO, you can expect hundreds of qualified calls every month. As no other SEO company would think of using these buyer intent keywords, we would be getting lightning fast results with this approach, which is already approved by Google. This means that there is no risk of a penalty from Google’s end as well.

Dental Websites With Higher Authority

To top it all, with higher Google rankings, the overall authority of the dental website goes up. This means that your website would rule over others in your area in a period as short as 6 months! To add to that, you would get better rankings for surrounding neighborhoods as well, thanks to our robust backend and the ‘Google –Safe’ method that we use here at Dental Boost.


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