Digital Marketing for Dentists: Everything You Need to Know

Sure, the dental industry may have once been considered a slow adopter to the world of advertising and marketing. Over the past decades, the term advertising was seen as a not accepted practice in the dental profession — and then came Big Yellow. That is that dinosaur called the phone book.

Well, as all things do, times have now changed. We are now in an all new digital world where the journey to dental care starts with an online search query. From websites to online reviews, dentists are now finding more and more ways to connect with prospective patients online.

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The Dental Landscape Has Changed

In any industry, dentistry included, multiple businesses can thrive at the same time. The dental industry is undergoing a period of rapid evolution, and competition is at an all-time high. According to a recent study by the American Dental Association, for every population of 100,000, there are up to 80 dentists (sometimes pushes to 100). This number is staggering!

Dentists are now competing for patient loyalty and market share by distinguishing themselves not only by providing quality dental care but also keeping up with the emerging digital trends. More and more dentists now realize the great importance of search engine optimization and digital marketing that includes a custom dental website. However, big dental corporations are placing huge budgets in their marketing, making it hard to compete with them. This is why it’s crucial to execute strategic digital marketing programs.

What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for different strategies used in marketing products and services, mainly over the Internet. Based on research and statistics, to grow business revenues, organizations should invest between 3%-5% of their gross income into marketing.

For a dentist, digital marketing mainly starts with your dental website. How effective is the internet site in converting the visitors into loyal clients? Are you receiving positive or negative reviews? Have you implemented call tracking to know the number of calls your site is producing?

Online presence plays a huge role in today’s dental marketing. Your online presence determines your success;, especially in the highly competitive dental market. When did you last update or redesign your website?

Get Found When People Search for Dental Solutions

At first sight, you may not see the relationship between dentistry and SEO, but dentist search engine optimization is incredibly valuable. Once you have updated and redesigned your high-converting digital website, you need to make sure you can be seen. The savviest dentists are already implementing SEO to promote their dental practice and secure new patients.

By claiming your profiles and investing in dental SEO, your listings get high priority in search engines, and you can get up to 40 new patients every month. This depends on the size of your city, and one thing is sure, there are always going to be new families moving into your town!

Marketing Strategies To Consider

Along with SEO and high-converting dental websites, video and content marketing, Facebook marketing, and PPC are other digital marketing strategies that are just as effective.

Are you ready to find success with marketing your dentistry online? Hiring a professional and reliable digital marketing agency is crucial to your dental success. We are the renowned experts when it comes to providing SEO for dentists. We’ll always be here to help when you need us!

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