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Using Google To Find A Dentist In Scottsdale
Improving your search engine rankings for your dental website requires new, fresh and unique content that is of high value to your visitors.

The number one goal of your dental practice online is to “get found”. You can have the best website on the internet for dentists, but if people don’t find you when they do a search for your services + your locale, it’s all for not.

It is becoming very competitive locally to show up on the first page of the search engines, especially the big dog…google. Dentists are finally realizing people are using the internet via their smart phones and desktop computers to find a credible practice that is conveniently located.

That awareness among the dental community is creating a need for proper search engine optimization., as well as search engine marketing (PPC). Unfortunately PPC (google adwords) can be a very expensive game to play. To see an ROI, may take $2,000-$3,000 each month, depending on the competitiveness of your area.

Dental Practice SEO

People are searching for a dentist using the Internet, and more specifically google. It is much more convenient to jump on your computer in the comfort of your home. Statistics show that over 70% of people use google when searching for a local business.

This is a huge opportunity for you to gain market share in your city and surrounding areas if you implement an effective dental seo strategy for your practice.

In fact, here at The Dental Boost, we are effectively ranking our clients for hundreds of buyer intent dental keyword phrases for not only their main city, but 4-5 surrounding areas they draw patients from.

We refer to this as “dominating your locale”.

Wouldn’t you want to feel reassured you have that kind of coverage on the Internet for your dental practice? Our clients tell us it’s a relief to know they have that much of an online presence for all of their services.

Mobile Search Is Exploding

More and more people are using their phones to search for dentists and all other businesses. The phone is the device of choice now, so it is critical you have a mobile optimized website, and you have a mobile SEO strategy in place to rank high in mobile search.

Along with this trend is “voice activated search”. Since people are using their phones more, they are also using voice to search instead of typing on their phone.

This is another opportunity for your dental practice to go after more specific phrases as people who talk in their phone will use more words to get their specific need met.

So instead of city dentist, it would be “dentist near me” for example. If your dental website is not optimized for these voice searches, you will not get found when someone does a mobile search. You lose the opportunity to land all these people as new patients.

I understand many of you have had poor experiences with dental SEO companies, and we have an uphill battle to reassure you we will perform and deliver what we promise.

We are more than happy to provide case studies and references to reassure you, you are making the right decision.

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