SEO Client Expectations

The next few weeks are going to be a fun ride – so welcome aboard! To ensure everyone’s headed in the same direction, this expectations document explains what we need from you and what your package consists of.

Of course if at any time you have questions, please email us.

So now, what’s next?

What We Need From You

  • Your website login Username and Password
  • FTP login username and password
  • Your NAP (official business name, address and phone number).

Month 1 – On-Page, Content

  1. On-Page SEO: we have found the majority of dental websites and pages are not optimized for google best practices, so we will go through the pages related to your specialties you signed up for and make any changes that are needed.
  2. This is meta tags like page title and description. As well as optimizing images that are on critical service pages like Invisalign.
  3. Contact page the key page for google, and there are several critical elements that need to be completed for your practice to have the best chance at improving rankings.
  4. Content: We will also be adding our SEO content landing pages to your website. This is a large amount of pages to enable us to attain top rankings for hundreds of buyer intent keywords.

Month 2 – Backlinking Starts, Call Tracking Added, Ranking Reports, Optimize Main Specialty Page

  1. Backlinking: This is where we start our backlinking for your practice. This is one of the keys to attaining top rankings. We will be adding relevant, google-safe backlinks from this month on and moving forward every month as long as we are retained by your practice per the agreement.
  2. Call Tracking will be added this month as we should be achieving some rankings this quickly and driving traffic to our SEO landing pages.
  3. Ranking Reports: Unlike most dental SEO companies, we will be showing by month 2 rankings we are achieving for your practice. So you will be receiving a monthly ranking report from here on out.
  4. Specialty Page Optimization: We will be re-writing your main service (specialty) page(s) you signed up for to improve conversions on that page.

Month 3 – Ongoing Backlinking, Analytics, Landing Pages, New Pages

Now it gets exciting! Everything we’ve done up to this point will start to show.

  1. We will also be studying conversions from traffic via call tracking. We will be tweaking our landing pages if conversions are not happening.
  2. We will be writing 1 new page a month that will support your main service (specialty) page(s) we wrote for you last month. We will be adding these types of pages for the next 6 months if we are still retained by your practice via contract.
  3. These new high-converting internal specialty pages will let google know you are the authority in your area for this specialty(s)

All of this adds up to a strong presence online for google to reward you with.

Month 4, 5 And Beyond – Ongoing Work

In month 4 and onwards is when you’ll really see the benefits of our work – through increase traffic to your website, conversions (calls to your practice) and engagement.

Important: Remember, although a component of what we do is “SEO”, there are no guarantees: no one can promise position #1 ranking guarantees on Google because it’s actually against their guidelines!

What’s not included in this package: The package does not include: Technical requests which fall outside of this package. If you’re interested in any of these services, or other services not listed here, please contact us for more information!

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