Reasons Why Your Dental Website May Need A Redesign

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Do You Need A Dental Website Redesign?

I speak to dentists every week who are not happy with the results of their dental website. They don’t know why it’s not performing, as many of them invested $5,000-$8,000 or more with a big national, dental firm who promised “amazing results”, and it just didn’t happen.

Don’t despair if you’re in this category, but know… you might need a redesign if you want to attract new patients from your website and the Internet.

Now for the record, each one of these issues may not require a site redesign, but if you have several of the below mentioned issues, and it’s been 4-5 years since you did your last website, you may want to consider a redesign.

Let’s get right into it!

Where’s The Phone Number?

The main goal of your website is to get the visitor to call your office. Period! And what I come across over and over again is either a hidden phone number, or one that is so small people just don’t see it.

This is death to your dental practice on the Internet. You have got to have a big prominent phone number on EVERY page of your website. Preferably in the same spot, so people get used to seeing it there, and in the back of their mind, not where to look when they are ready to call your office.

Does this warrant a redesign? Probably not, but it depends on how your website was designed, as many of the big firms create cookie-cutter websites, that are just a template, and may either charge you and arm-and-a-leg to make the change, or will flat out tell you they can’t do it.

Website Tip: Always, always have your phone number in text format, NOT an image. Google does not see images, they see text so make sure your designer does not create an image for your phone number.

No Map – Where Are You Located?

This is a biggy! People that are searching the web for a dental practice want to know where you are located. How far do they have to drive? How to find you? This is a must, and yet I see many dental websites that have no map.

Website Tip: Have a clickable, google map in the footer of every page of your website. That way, when someone lands on any page, they can easily find out where you are located.

No Call To Action

People do what they are told to do. Are you telling your visitors what to do next? Again, I see this time-and-time-again with dentists I consult with. They have a very bland website, that provides very little valuable information, and does not tell the visitor what to do next.

Website Tip: Have a phrase at the bottom of EVERY page and blog post, that says something like, “Call Us Today At 555-5555 To Schedule A Complimentary Consultation”.

You’d be surprised how many people will do exactly what you say. Subliminally your mind does what it hears or sees.

Huge Image On Homepage

This one…unfortunately is very common, even with some of the more successful practices across the country. Remember, your homepage is the most important real estate for your business on the Internet, so don’t waste it with either a big vanity picture of yourself; or even worse, a stock image that is seen on every other dental website across the Internet!

What Can You Do For Me?

This is marketing 101!

People don’t care about you, they care about what you can do for THEM! Especially on your homepage, don’t tell your mission statement, or how great your office looks.

Instead, talk to the visitor about what you can do for them, which is give them a beautiful smile, using cosmetic dentistry, implants or invisalign. Make sure you don’t have too many “I’s” or “We’s” in your homepage copy. That means you are spending more time talking about you, and not what you can do for the visitor.

I have many more issues with dental website design, but the above are the ones you should really take in and change on your websites ASAP.

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