Let’s Get Your Business Numbers – Get Started

How many locations?

1-55-1010-3030-5050-100100 or more

How many calls do you get to your practice every month?

102030 or more

What percent of the calls converted into booked appointments?

20%40%60% or more

How many calls per month can you take?

102030 or more

What's your first year value of a patient?

$700$1000$1200 or more

What's the LTV (lifetime value) of your patient?

$4000$7500$10,000or more

What does it cost you to acquire a new patient?

$150$250$350 or moredon't know

What is the no-show rate in your business by percentage?

10% - 20%20% - 30%30% - 40%50% or more

How many new patients per month?

1020304050 or more

Where do they come from?

GoogleDirect mailReferralsFacebookCommunity outreach

Attrition per month (number of patients)?

102030 or more

Referrals per new patient in first year?

12345 or more

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