Orthodontists: Educate Your Visitors To Convert More Patients

Having been a marketing professional for over 20 years, there is a huge shift in consumer behavior regarding decision making thanks to the birth of the Internet. Orthodontists looking to convert more website visitors into patients should embrace this.

Knowing that traditional braces (and Invisalign) is a big investment of thousands of dollars, most people are not going to make a decision until they fully understand their options, and the best choice for their child or themselves.


Orthodontic Marketing Using Web Content

When it comes to orthodontic marketing One of the most effective ways to educate your website visitor is with well-written, not copied anywhere else on the internet content. This content is in the form of words, and even more effectively videos.

I understand that attention span of someone on the Internet is very short, so you may be thinking they won’t read a 1,000 word piece of content on traditional braces, and why they may be the best choice, but you are incorrect.

As mentioned above, people are spending more time on the internet researching their options, and actually learning before they “pull the trigger”. So with a multi-thousand dollar purchase like braces, you can be assured they will read your information, if it is put together in a way they can easily consume, and that is strategically written to lead them down the path to make the decision to call your orthodontic practice and not your competitors.

Answer Every Question You’ve Ever Been Asked…

This is your opportunity to build out a mammoth, authority website that google will love!

When you can create content (text and video) that specifically answers every question a potential patient could ever have, you will no doubt dramatically increase your production numbers.

Sit down with your team to brainstorm all the potential topics (questions) you been asked. Put them all down in a spreadsheet for future reference, schedule staff to write them, or hire our content writers to do it for you.

An added bonus is this will save staff time on the phone, as you’ll have answered most questions on your website.

Use Video To Improve Your Orthodontic Marketing Results

Video is exploding on the web! Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the biggest (Google).

This is a huge opportunity for orthodontists to showcase their knowledge and results (testimonials) using Video Marketing.

There are dozens of videos you can produce just using your smartphone in your office. This does not have to be commercial quality, just good content to help educate the person to making an informed decision (to call your practice 😉 ).

For example topics people want to know is “Invisalign vs Traditional Braces?” “How long do I need to wear braces?” “What foods can I eat with braces?” “How much do braces cost?” “Is it too late to get braces?” “What is the best age to consider braces?”

You can see there are dozens and dozens of topics for videos. You will easily become the authority in your area the minute you start using video on youtube and your website. The majority of orthodontists are not doing video at all, so this is your opportunity to be the leader in your area.

Use A Free Orthodontic Report

This is where it gets exciting! I know…I get geeky when I talk about this strategy for attracting more orthodontic patients.

Because many parents are in “research mode” when it comes to orthodontics, they may not want to sit on their computer and read a webpage. A very effective marketing strategy is to offer a Free Orthodontic Report where they give you their name, phone number and email address to receive it.

Now…instead of a website visitor landing on your Orthodontic Website and maybe leaving in a matter of 60 seconds, they can quickly sign up for your report, and read it at their leisure.

Use A Lead Capture Form

You would need to have a “lead capture” form, with an image of your report, that really stands out, strategically inserted on every page of your website, so no matter where they come in via search, they will see your free report (lead capture).

And the fun has just begun for you. You can now set up an email, drip campaign that goes out once a week with one specific valuable piece of information to slowly educate (and guide them) down the path to hiring you to be their orthodontist.

In marketing, they say it takes 7-15 “touch-points” for most people to make a decision. So just imagine they have raised their hand in interest by signing up for your report on your website. We call that a warm lead.

With these strategically written emails, you can plug them in, and the automatically go out for 7 or more weeks until they call you for the consultation. This should excite you as this marketing strategy alone, when fully up and running can convert 3-5 or more new orthodontic patients every month like clockwork. That’s a substantial increase in revenues for you!

I hope you are getting excited reading this, as you will become the orthodontic leader in your city, and your revenues will go up continually year-after-year! I can assure you there are very few orthodontists doing this in their practice.




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