Web Design and SEO Best Practices for Orthodontists

Orthodontists are often sought out by those looking to improve their smiles. Each new patient brings around $5,000 worth of business to the practice. Because of the profit potential, it is essential that an orthodontist invest in digital marketing to help improve their business and garner them greater rewards.

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Many digital marketing firms do not understand the importance of orthodontics, consumer behaviors and how to increase website visits. They do not have the experience to know how to get visitors to pick up the phone and make an appointment with an orthodontist. Instead of using a digital marketing firm that does not understand the intricacies of designing an orthodontist’s website, choose on that understand the business and can get the results you desire.

Reach Out to Mothers When Marketing

We understand that an orthodontist’s target audience is mothers. Mothers will take the time to research several orthodontists to ensure they are choosing the best orthodontist in the area for their children.

In fact, many diligent mothers will research a number of orthodontists in the area, read online reviews and set up a consultation with a few orthodontists to help them find the best one for their children. By understanding how mothers approach finding an orthodontist, we can better equip you to gain the most clients by providing the information that moms are looking for.

When a mother comes to an orthodontist’s website, they will decide if it is worth investigating further within the first few seconds. They want a website that is modern looking and up to date on the latest practice. Then, they will go to the About page to determine how long the orthodontist has been practicing, the education of the orthodontist and any specialties. Then, they will look at the support staff in the office. All of this will help be taken into consideration when making a decision, so it is important to have professional photos of all staff members and bios listing education, experience and other relevant information.

When you hire our company, we will create a custom theme for your business to ensure that it immediately attracts the attention of your visitors. We will take the time to develop pages based on what mothers are looking for in an orthodontist’s website. In addition to the About section, most mothers want to see before and after photographs, client testimonials, business hours, location and photos of the orthodontist’s office.

A Critical Factor Is Where You Are Located

When it comes to an orthodontist office, a mom wants one that is nearby. Mothers often hold down a job while trying to juggle orthodontist appointments. Most of the time, this means a mother wants to find an orthodontist who is nearby. However, if she finds an orthodontist who is a little further out but has an amazing website and does a good consultation, the mother may be willing to drive further.

You should include your business address on your website so that moms can determine exactly how far your office is from their home, work or the child’s school. Place your address, a map and directions on each page of your website so they will know your location. Mothers will also appreciate if you use a widget that will give them precise driving directions from their location. We can easily include this feature in your web design.

SEO Helps Mothers Find Your Ortho Office

Even if you have your orthodontic website updated, it will not do any good if people cannot find your site when they complete an internet search. This is where SEO comes into play. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This service optimizes your website so that internet search providers, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, can find your website and properly list in the search results.

An SEO firm that specializes in orthodontic optimization has the knowledge and skill to know which phrase people are searching for when looking for an orthodontist. Including phrases such as metal braces, porcelain braces and Invisalign will help your website rank higher in the search engine’s results page which will attract new patients and further maximize your profits.

The return on your investment for an SEO service that specializes in orthodontics often offers you a 10:1 return on your initial investment. This means for every dollar that you spend you will get back ten times as much in new patients. Developing a website and optimizing it using the latest SEO strategies is one of the best ways to increase your profits.

To ensure that your website ranks high, it must be optimized based on Google’s algorithms. An outdated website that uses old SEO tactics that are no longer accepted by Google will not rank high. When this happens, the orthodontic office suffers and the doctor wonders why their website is not ranking on the first page of results for their area.

In addition to using the latest SEO practices, an orthodontic office’s website must contain information that both Google and potential patients find useful. Unfortunately, most orthodontic websites are built using a template and has the same content that is posted on thousands of other websites. This content can lower your page rank and cause visitors to quickly leave your website.

When it comes to an orthodontic website, you want a company with the knowledge and expertise to produce and maintain a website that provides quality information and the latest SEO practices.

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