Orthodontics Marketing Can Help Orthodontists With Web Design And SEO Needs

Orthodontics, such as cosmetic dentistry, can prove to be a very profitable form of business. Since each case can mean more than five thousand dollars, it’s well worth your time to invest in the right digital marketing so that you can profit from an increasing market share within your community.

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Regrettably, a great number of orthodontists such as dentists have made a habit of hiring digital marketing firms that are rather generalized, not having particular knowledge of specifically orthodontics. Also, they do not have information or data on consumer behavior, which are essential to getting the attention of your website visitors, making an impression on them, and then motivating them to contact your practice to possibly do business.

The Primary Orthodontics Target You Want Are Moms

We know from previously working with orthodontists that among the primary demographic groups looking for dentists and other similar professionals are mothers. They’re looking to find the right professionals for their daughters and sons, so they are going to do their homework online to find someone reputable that they can trust.

As a matter of fact, we have anecdotal evidence that mothers will not only do research on the Internet, but that they will also check online reviews to figure out who the top-ranked local orthodontists are, and then arrange consultations with all of them. That’s being thorough in deciding who to finally hire! We admire it, but we also realize that it illustrates the importance of an orthodontist firm working with a digital marketing firm that has experience in marketing a dental firm, and not just businesses in general.

Most mothers have rather high expectations when they visit any website during their orthodontist hunting, and your website has criteria to meet right away. For instance, they want the site to be modern and updated, and not take more than five seconds to load. Once that happens, expect them to visit the About page to learn about the orthodontist specifically. They look for specifics like how long have they been in practice and what sorts of continuing education do they take. Thorough mothers are also going to look at the general staff so they know what sorts of professionals will be responsible for the health of their children’s mouths.

Does your design and content showcase your brand? We have a history of taking the theme from inside the physical practice and the building a website around the very same theme for the sake of consistency and brand awareness. When a mother lands on one of our pages, she can see how distinct it is. Many orthodontist sites are very generic, devoid of theme, brand, and individual character.

Where Is Your Office?

Since mothers have days full of many responsibilities, she can’t afford a half-hour commute to the orthodontist each month. The exception is when her online research convinces her that your orthodontics office is the best in the local business, then she might just be willing to drive the distance to give her kids access to your services and quality. That means you can draw in prospects from further distances than you might think your office should be marketing to.

Another thought on the topic of location is that your website needs to make it easy for any mother to see exactly where your office is located. It’s best to add Google or other search engine map technology that lets website visitors put in their address and get specific directions from their home right to your office. Have this on every single page of your website.

Use SEO To Help Consumers Find Your Practice

Once you have a website that looks great and converts visitors into patients and appointments, you have taken the great first step, but none of it matters if consumers aren’t finding your site through Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

This is why your office needs to hire an SEO firm used to marketing orthodontics in particular. They understand the consumers and buyers and what they’re typing in to look for services. They also know things about specific services ranging from traditional braces to things like Invisalign or Damon. They know how to use Google and other search engines to draw traffic to your website and then convert them.

If you’re serious about your business, then you understand ROI, and it’s pretty basic on things like braces or Invisalign. Your per-patient revenue is highly consistent in established services.

When you invest in search engine optimization for your orthodontics office, then your ROI should be ten to one, if not better.

A critical element of search engine optimization is being certain that your website is not just optimized, but done so within the best practices established by Google. We have seen time and time again cases where websites were not only outdated but using SEO techniques that Google had long since started punishing. The orthodontist would then ask us why their website was tanking in the rankings and we could tell them pretty fast what was going on.

Your orthodontist website content is critical. It has to be useful to both your visitors but also to Google. Most orthodontic websites were whipped up using generic templates and bland content that a million other websites have. Google calls this duplicate content and doesn’t really push these sites as useful links when people go searching for things.

At the end of the day, if you want to draw more Internet traffic to your website that is converted into patients and appointments, then an orthodontic-specific marketing specialist is what your office needs.

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