Is Your Orthodontic Website Converting Visitors Into Patients?

Orthodontic Online Marketing Services

Let’s hope when a woman (or mom) lands on your orthodontic website she doesn’t react like this!

The number one goal for your orthodontic website is to get people to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. That’s it! When you are designing your ortho website, you must keep this in mind, when it comes to content, images, videos, page layout, on-page SEO, CTA’s (calls-to-action) and CRO (conversion rate optimization).

We have analyzed hundreds of ortho websites, and the majority of them are not designed for conversions. Many times when we talk to the orthodontist, they thought they were getting a website that would increase their new patient numbers and revenues, but it didn’t happen. Frustration sets in as you wonder if you just wasted thousands of dollars on this new, flashy website.

Grab Their Attention In The First 5 Seconds

When a person is searching for an orthodontist, they are looking for a solution to their personal problem. In their mind, they have an emotional need (desire). If…when they land on your website, you do not reassure them they have come to the right place, they are gone, never to return. One of your competitors just got the business.

Utilize Orthodontic Videos On Your Website

Over 70% of all Internet traffic is now video. People are consuming hours of online video every day. So why are orthodontists not using video on their websites? Video brings the human side of your practice through the computer screen. It engages the visitor, and allows them to consume your valuable content to help them make an informed decision to call your office for an appointment.

Get Creative To Engage Your Visitors

There are all kinds of videos you can shoot using your smartphone. Like:

  • Testimonial/Success Videos
  • FAQ Videos
  • Bio Videos Of Each Team Member
  • Homepage Video
  • Service (ie Invisalign, Braces, etc.) Videos

That’s just a few of the ideas. We will even write the script, edit the videos, upload and optimize on your youtube channel, then embed and optimize them on your ortho site for better conversions and SEO.

Your Ortho Office Info Easily Found On EVERY Page

People want to quickly know where you are located (google map); your office hours; and the most important your phone number for them to call you to schedule an appointment.

I would recommend a BIG phone number in the upper right corner of every page, that says Call Us Today in front of it. You can have your NAP (business name, address and phone number) in the upper portion (header) of your website as well.

A clickable google map is critical for local relevancy for google, and for people to see where you location is. They can then also easily get directions from the google map itself.

Freely Use Before And After Images On Every Page

People want to see the quality of your work, so having before and after images on every page shows them your results. People are visual. When they see some dramatic before and after’s they will be more motivated to call you to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to get your web developer to add the text Actual Patient in the bottom right corner of every image, to remind your web visitor these are YOUR patients.

Make sure you use relevant before and after images on each page. So for Teen Invisalign, have them of both a boy and a girl. Adult Invisalign have both a male and female. You get the picture 😉

Use Calls-To-Action Multiple Times On Each Page

Because this article is all about usability and conversions, the most important element to have on EVERY page of your ortho site is CTA’s. Which are calls-to-action like “Schedule An Appointment Today”, “Call Us Today”, “Click Here To Speak To Our Staff”.

These CTA’s can be clickable links, buttons, images with text on them, or graphics like arrows to grab attention.

We see the majority of ortho websites missing this critical element. If they’ve consumed a video, or some content, you need to tell them what to do next. Be want to be led. Tell them, and they will do it!

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