Orthodontic Marketing

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How To Grow Your Orthodontic Practice

Orthodontic marketing can be overwhelming, and that is why we have created a system that will attract dozens of new patients to your practice every month.

Before you say anything…we know you get most of your patients via referrals (general dentists, pediatric dentists and current patients).

But…there is a huge opportunity for you to attract patients who have either moved into your area, or have not gone to a dentist in years. This demographic will search the internet when looking for an orthodontist.

If you are not found in the top 3 spots, you will get no calls (patients) from the Internet.

This could be a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars every year!

Marketing For Orthodontists And ROI

Helping Orthodontists Grow Their Revenues With Proven Marketing Strategies
I get very excited at the thought of marketing ROI for Orthodontists. If you are looking at your practice from a business standpoint, each new patient has a dollar value to you. We know that an orthodontic patient can bring your practice between $4,000-$6,000. For Invisalign, a similar fee depending on the case.

So now…lets do some fun math. Lets say your orthodontic marketing budget (which includes SEO, Content Marketing and Reputation Marketing) is $2500-$4,000 per month. How many new patients do you need to get in a month to cover that cost? If I’m doing my math correctly, the answer is ONE!

So what if we could realistically bring your practice, 5, 10 or more new patients a month from our orthodontic marketing services? You would be bringing in an additional $25,000 and up to $50,000 or more per month!

That’s a very good ROI for your marketing dollars. We would love to discuss this with you.


Click here to get your FREE Orthodontic Report!

Don’t Rely On Referrals From Dentists

When we talk to Ortho’s we hear the same thing over-and-over again. They all say most of their new patients come from referrals from general dentists, pediatric dentists, etc.

You never want your business to rely completely on this strategy, because life happens. Maybe your biggest referral source moves away. Sells their practice. Retires. Then you are in a bad spot. You can also refer to this as “putting all your eggs in one basket”.

Instead have multiple ways to attract new patients consistently. 

Internal marketing, digital marketing, lead generation via website, and then of course referral marketing.

Online Reputation

Even with a referral people are going to head online to read reviews, as well as take a look at your website.

If you have a 5-star reputation online, and your website contains all the pertinent information they are expecting, you have a good chance to get the call (given they find you near the top of the first page).

If you are in need of more reviews we can help with our Orthodontic Reputation Management service.

Lead Generation Website

Another issue we’ve seen time-and-time-again is poorly designed orthodontic websites. Unfortunately, many of them have been created by some of the big national firms, who notoriously create cookie-cutter, duplicate websites for hundreds of their clients.

When you invest thousands of dollars in a website, you want to be reassured yours is unique, different and portrays your practice as the practice to come to in your area.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and most of these websites look exactly the same. No differentiation. You will not get a good return on your investment taking this approach.

SEO For Orthodontists

A missed opportunity for many orthodontists is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People searching for a local business, including orthodontist, get on google. Many times these people are ready to go, and just need to find the one they feel comfortable with, and that could be you!

Another important element to keep in mind is consumer behavior. Orthodontics is not an impulse decision. It’s one that people will do some research to feel confident they are making the right decision. Because women (and mothers) make 85% of household decisions, they will be the ones searching in google for orthodontists and reading the information on your website.

If your Orthodontic content answers their questions, and they like what they read on our About page, you have a good shot of getting the phone call.If you have a website that is outdated, hard to navigate, with no before-and-after images to show your results, they will hit the back button in less than 30 seconds, and go to one of your competitors who may have a better website.

PPC To Get Scheduled Appointments Fast

When you implement any ortho marketing plan, you must incorporate orthodontic PPC in the strategy. The main reason is SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that takes time. So while we are building out your google authority, we want you to get some leads coming in right away. That is where Google Adwords and retargeting come into play. The combination of SEO (Maps Marketing) and PPC, along with great content and website, you’ll be on your way to much higher revenues for your practice.

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