Content Marketing for Orthodontists

content marketing for orthodontists

Readers Demand Superior Content

Great reviews on search engines and social media will boost your reputation and land patients on your website, but what will they find there? Engaging and stimulating material that answers the questions they didn’t know they had? Or predictable boilerplate text that tells them nothing about you?

Bare-bones content and a list of services is never enough to accurately represent what makes you different from every other orthodontist in town. The Dental Boost provides well-written marketing content that will make your website stand out from cookie-cutter websites that don’t tell patients anything new.

How’s Your Website’s Content?

There are two reasons why you need to have outstanding content representing your practice: (1) to attract new patients, and (2) to get you noticed by search engines.

Having strong, original content on your website and advertising materials is a win-win. It keeps you ranking high with the search engines, and it draws in the patients who are a good match to your unique brand.

Strong Content Makes a Huge Difference

You are a clinician, not a writer. No one expects you to have the time to keep your website updated and expanded regularly. At the Dental Boost, this is what we do.

Our team of experienced writers knows how to appeal to new patients on an emotional level, while making sure you are keyword-optimized to get noticed by Google’s algorithms. Your website content is a critical factor in the overall marketing of your orthodontic practice.

How is Content Marketing Different for Orthodontic Practices?

With a general practice, content marketing needs to appeal to a broad base of both routine patients and stand-alone service needs. As a specialty orthodontic practice, your patients are with you for a finite period—so your marketing needs are going to be different. You need assertive content that appeals to new patients and prompts them to pick up the phone!

Why Content Matters for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO favors strong content. Google’s search algorithms reward websites with abundant, original content that updates regularly. Pages that meet minimum word counts and high-quality content rank higher than static websites with few pages. It’s just that simple.

And if your website leans heavily on copy-and-pasted text, forget about it. You might as well be invisible to Google.

At the Dental Boost, we take the time to learn about your practice, so we can create well written content that reflects your strengths, while hitting all the right Orthodontic SEO notes. We provide you with fresh, relevant pages to inform and attract new patients, while giving them an accurate picture of what makes your orthodontic practice special.

Engaging Content, Search Engine Optimized

We’ve all accidentally bumped into websites that rank high on search engines, but read like they were written by a SEO-robot. They hit your search terms, but don’t say anything worth reading. At the Dental Boost, our content writers know how to marry quality content with SEO hacks.

Do you have questions about Content Marketing for Orthodontists? Contact us at the Dental Boost or chat with Mike to learn more!

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