Orthodontic Marketing

How To Attract More Adult Female Invisalign Patients

One of the biggest opportunities you have to grow your Invisalign revenues is women between 35-45 years of age. Unfortunately, of all the Invisalign websites we’ve analyzed, along with all the campaigns, there is a huge gap in effective Invisalign marketing to this demographic. Buyer Journey For Adult Invisalign It is imperative you understand the … Continue reading “How To Attract More Adult Female Invisalign Patients”

Your Orthodontic Content Is Hurting Your Revenues!

I hope that caught your attention. Even though that is a strong statement, and for many orthodontists reading this, will cop an attitude with me. That’s ok. It’s not personal, it’s business! If you want to grow your ortho revenues, and stand out from your competition keep reading. I have been known to not sugarcoat … Continue reading “Your Orthodontic Content Is Hurting Your Revenues!”

Are You Using Retargeting In Your Orthodontic Marketing?

As an orthodontist, you realize the investment for braces (or Invisalign) is not small. In fact, it is thousands of dollars, therefore the consumer searching for an orthodontist online will do their research, before they call an office. Retargeting is a massively missed opportunity for ortho’s when it comes to their online marketing. Website Conversions … Continue reading “Are You Using Retargeting In Your Orthodontic Marketing?”

Tips From An Orthodontic Consultant #22

Orthodontic marketing consultant Jaclyn Whiddon is the president of The Whiddon Group. A practice consultancy firm that helps orthodontist offices with branding, ad campaigns, marketing collateral, development and much more.  She started her career in orthodontics nearly 15 years ago, working in different practices in various roles. Learning Objectives: Branding. What is a brand and why … Continue reading “Tips From An Orthodontic Consultant #22”

Orthodontists: Educate Your Visitors To Convert More Patients

Having been a marketing professional for over 20 years, there is a huge shift in consumer behavior regarding decision making thanks to the birth of the Internet. Orthodontists looking to convert more website visitors into patients should embrace this. Knowing that traditional braces (and Invisalign) is a big investment of thousands of dollars, most people … Continue reading “Orthodontists: Educate Your Visitors To Convert More Patients”

Video Marketing To Attract More Orthodontic Patients

As an Orthodontist, you have a huge opportunity to add massive revenues to your practice implementing video marketing. Video is exploding on the web, and most of your competitors are not taking advantage of it. Nowadays, the play button is becoming “the most compelling call-to-action on the web,” to borrow the words from business leader Andrew … Continue reading “Video Marketing To Attract More Orthodontic Patients”



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