Not Getting New Patients From The Internet?


We are getting inundated with calls and emails from dental practices all over the country that are not getting new patients from the internet.

Have you hired an SEO company that promised first page results and more patients but it just didn’t happen? We hear the same story over and over again.

It’s unfortunate this happens, but dentists are “ripe for the picking” for search engine optimization companies. These big companies know you are in pain. And know how to push your buttons to hire them.

But when months have gone by and your dental practice is still not getting phone calls, you realize you are not getting what you were promised. Sound familiar?

First Page Results Takes Time

I’m here to tell you ranking high on the first page of google is hard work. No one has the “secret sauce” as they might portray. Each situation we come across is different. Some more challenging than others.

We stay up on all the current google updates, and make sure that our work stays in googles “good graces, so our dental clients don’t “get slapped” by an update and lose rankings.

SEO for dental practices takes patience, innovation and constant testing to find just the right mix of strategies that produce results. This takes time. You’ve got to give it 6 months to really see traction in both your rankings, unique visitors to your website, and ultimately phone calls to your practice.

Any SEO firm promising first page rankings in 30 days is being untruthful to you. They are just trying to get your business. We always manage expectations with clients when it comes to search engine optimization.

Sometimes we can get quicker results because it’s not as competitive, other times it’s very competitive and we need to alter strategy, and get more aggressive with fresh, uncopied content added to the dental clients site regularly.

Local Search Is Exploding

Statistics show according to Google 90% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page. Over




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