A New Way To Approach Dental SEO To Achieve Faster Results And More Patients

When I talk to a dentist about SEO it is a sore subject for many of them. Am I speaking to you too? What I mean is many dentists have tried search engine optimization, with very little success even after months of investing in it. There are several reasons why this is happening, and this article will help you better understand why, and to show you a more effective way that we approach SEO for dentists.

Dental SEO Is Very Competitive

In any given city, there are dozens, if not hundreds of dentists “gunning” for top rankings in google for their main terms, like “city dentist”.

It is understandable why you would want to rank for this term, but here at The Dental Boost, we have done exhaustive research into why that may not the best approach.

First off, going after the typical dental SEO keywords like the above, “city dentist’, “porcelain veneers city”, “cosmetic dentist city” are the most competitive to go after, so it will take much longer to achieve those coveted top rankings on the first page.

Secondly, these are people who are not in the buying mode, but research mode. That’s not a bad thing, but unless your dental website is designed and layed out with fantastic, easy-to-find information, they will be gone in a matter of seconds.

The American Dental Association came out with some staggering numbers a year ago or so. For every city that has 100,000 residents, there are 60-100 dentists! We have confirmed with many of our clients this number is very close.

I want you to realize that if even 20% of those dentists are hiring SEO companies to rank for their main terms, you have up to 20 or more dentists competing. But in reality, any dentist with a website, has the opportunity to rank in their city.

Now factor in what your current situation is with your website. I mean, what is your ranking right now? Is your website google-friendly. If it hasn’t been updated in at least the last year, there is a good chance it is not.

Depending on your current situation, the standard dental SEO approach mentioned earlier, can take 6 months to a year to achieve top first page rankings. We’ve unfortunately had calls with dentists that even after a year are not even on the first page. Some of them have gotten penalized by bad SEO tactics, and are beyond page 10 (we took on a client in this exact predicament).

The New Dental SEO Approach

We decided to take a different approach to our SEO for dental clients. In fact, our method is unmatched in dentistry! We are confident there is no other dental SEO company in the US that can do what we do, with the speed and effectiveness we can do it.

Look at the image below.

Long Tail Buyer Intent Dental SEO by The Dental Boost

There is a phrase in SEO called The Long Tail. What this is, is keyword phrases that are 3 or more words long, that are a much more specific search request by people.

When someone is looking for a dentist, and they are ready to schedule an appointment, they will type in a more specific search phrase. Not necessarily city dentist. They may type in “female dentist city” for example.

Here at The Dental Boost, we’ve determined over 1,000… what we refer to as “buyer intent” dental keyword phrases, this includes all the variations for Invisalign as well.

The typical dental SEO company will go after the main phrase (city dentist); and all the service phrase like porcelain veneers city. This in total is around 15 total keywords. If you’ve had conversations with dental SEO companies, this will sound familiar to you.

Our goal with every client is to achieve first page rankings for hundreds of buyer intent phrases (see below image), which brings more qualified visitors to your website, who will call your practice to schedule an appointment. We have built out the resources to achieve this like no other dental SEO company in the US.

The Dental Boost - Premier SEO Company For Dentists

Buyer Intent Keyword Phrases Have Less Search Volume

So the argument for this approach is the search volume will be very low. That is somewhat correct, but when you looked at combined searches in the top image, it is much, much greater, and more qualified to schedule with you. We are going after nearly 90% of the entire keyword spectrum.

I want you to imagine ranking for several hundred buyer intent keyword phrases. Even if there is say one search per month, you can hypothetically get hundreds of qualified calls each and every month. And…because no SEO company is going after all of these ‘buyer intent’ phrases like we are, we can achieve some stunningly fast results, that do not take months and months, and everything we do sticks in google, as google approves of our approach.

In The End, You’ll Have An Authority Dental Website

To add icing on the cake, when google gives high rankings to a website for all that long-tail content, the overall authority of that website goes way up. What this means, is the main terms will bump up in the near future as well. So now imagine having this authority website in 6 months or so, and just dominating your area in google search.

In addition, our robust backend and “google-safe” (passed through all major google updates with same high rankings) method will help you achieve rankings for your surrounding areas. So in essence, ranking for 1,000s of buyer intent dental keyword phrases.

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