You Are Losing Patients Because Of Your Mobile Website

We’ve reviewed hundreds of dental websites on mobile devices, specifically on the cell phone and what we see the majority of the time is a poorly optimized website that leaves your visitor frustrated and heading over to your competitor who is giving her what she wants.

Critical Mobile Elements That Must Be In Place

When people are searrching on a mobile device, they are typically in a hurry and want the information quickly. Knowing this, there are a few key elements you must have on the first page when they land there. If you don’t, they are gone!


Think of when you are searching on your cell phone for a local service. The first thing you want to know typically is where are they located? What’s their address? Preferably a map to show where they are in relation to your current location. The majority of dental websites we review on cell phones do not show their location right off the bat, and many don’t have it at all.


Secondly busy mom’s what to know your office hours to see if it fits with their schedule. For example if you are closed at 2 in the afternoon that’s a “no-go”. They have kids that are in school. If you are closed on Friday’s like a lot of dental offices are that’s also not a good thing as many mom’s do a bulk of their errands on Friday’s.

Phone Number

If what they’ve seen so far looks good, they may want to call your office right then. If you do not have a clickable phone number quickly available you will frustrate her and she will leave right away. Have a clickable phone number at the very top of your mobile homepage.


Very visible have a short (30 second) video of you talking right to them through the phone. Telling them you are accepting new patients, and that you understand they are busy and can accommodate their schedule. Let them know you can quickly schedule emergencies, as well as make them feel like you have a compassionate and empathetic office.


People make decisions online based on reviews. I would have 3-5 of your top reviews on this mobile homepage for them to easily find. They will read them and then take action. We’ve seen this happen every time.

Take The Next Step

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