How To Attract More Adult Female Invisalign Patients


One of the biggest opportunities you have to grow your Invisalign revenues is women between 35-45 years of age. Unfortunately, of all the Invisalign websites we’ve analyzed, along with all the campaigns, there is a huge gap in effective Invisalign marketing to this demographic.

Buyer Journey For Adult Invisalign

It is imperative you understand the buyer journey for the adult female consumer. It’s different than a mom searching for her children. It’s different than a man looking to gain confidence later in life.

Invisalign is both an emotional AND financial decision, so it is not an impulse purchase. On the contrary, women are going to do their research, even if they got a dental or orthodontic referral. They will go home, jump on their computer and start researching that doctor. If they don’t feel confident with the referral, the search on google starts and your opportunity begins if you’ve laid out the buyer journey and can take them through it via your website and digital marketing.

Resonate With Your Female Invisalign Persona

This is where you build out multiple content pages aimed specifically at females 35-45. Speak their language. Understand their frustrations and emotional pain regarding their smile and their lack of confidence, and how it may affect every aspect of their life, both business and personal.

Have several before and after cases of this buyer persona on every content page that’s relevant. Get a couple of video testimonials from the same demographic. Get them to tell their story and how their life is so much better now that they have gone through Invisalign with your practice.

If that is one of your main target markets, have a dedicated section on the homepage for it, with a relevant image of a female patient that has gone through the Invisalign treatment. Make sure all your relevant content (blog posts and pages link to your main Invisalign page about females.

Remarketing Is Key

Earlier in this article we mentioned Invisalign is both an emotional AND financial decision, and it is not an impulse purchase. Because of this, you’ve got to implement remarketing (retargeting) to anyone that has landed on the above mentioned pages and blog posts.

When they get retargeted, it’s going to keep bringing it back to their attention and they will be sent back to YOUR website, where they will eventually will schedule a consult.

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