Why Orthodontic SEO And Web Design Belong In The Hands Of A Specialist

In the diverse field of dental practice, orthodontics is one of the most lucrative specialties, right up there with cosmetic dentistry. Securing a new customer can be worth roughly $5,000 to your practice, and this makes it a wise investment to hire a digital marketer.

Sadly, a lot of orthodontists make the mistake of hiring a general marketing firm with no understanding of either dentistry in general or orthodontics in particular. A firm with orthodontic experience gives you a host of extra benefits. It will have the experience and consumer behavior data necessary to make a persuasive argument on behalf of your office and get new patients calling you for appointments.

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The Demographic Picture: Mothers Matter

We’ve done another work with orthodontic practices to know that mothers searching for orthodontists to help their children are one of your key demographics. They’re patient and they want the best for their kids; they tend to do a great deal of online research before they come to a decision.

In our experience, a lot of mothers are so diligent in comparison shopping that they will use websites and online reviews to assemble a shortlist and then go through consultations with two or three different orthodontists before coming to a final decision. You certainly can’t fault them for their thoroughness.

Mothers tend to look for the same key requirements when they visit an orthodontist’s website. For a start, they want to see a site that doesn’t look outdated. This little visual inspection takes just a few seconds, but it’s vital to pass that first test. The next thing a curious mother is going to want to learn about is the Orthodontist him or herself. Your prospective client wants to know about your educational background and your career. How long have you been working? What sort of continuing education are you doing? After this, mothers want to know something about your staff as well. They have a very vested interest in learning about everyone who might end up performing delicate dental work on their children.

Does your website have the content necessary to answer all of those questions? Is that content presented in an attractive and easy-to-navigate way? When it comes to design, does your website express a unique brand? Remember what we mentioned earlier: Mothers are going to research many different options before making any decisions. Is your site going to stand out and make an impression when compared to your competitors?

Location Is Important

No mother likes to pile a long drive on top of the time they need to spend at an orthodontist’s office having her children’s teeth worked on every month. Geographic proximity will factor into a mother’s choice of orthodontists, but you have a prime opportunity to engage with a wider clientele if everything on your website works to convince visitors that you’re the ideal specialist to meet a mother’s needs. A persuasive site could give you a wider reach.

With all of that in mind, you shouldn’t be coy about letting website visitors know where your office is located. A map and driving directions are two of the most important pieces of information you can provide. This is why we recommend including them on every page of your site. No matter which page draws a potential client’s attention through a search engine, they will be presented with this data as soon as they reach your site.

Why SEO Matters

So far we’ve talked about the importance of having good design, informative content, and persuasive pages. None of that matters if your page is hard to find when potential clients start entering orthodontic search terms into Google.

As an SEO firm that specializes in orthodontic work, we’re already familiar with the most important keywords that show up again and again in relevant search queries. We know buyer intent and we know exactly how to incorporate key terms like Damon or Invisalign to improve your site’s search engine ranking.

Thankfully, calculating return on investment for orthodontic optimization is fairly easy. You derive most of your revenue from a few very consistent procedures, making it easy to put a value on a new patient. Good SEO can deliver ROI rates of 10:1 or even better.

We use only the latest and most effective SEO techniques to improve your position on the search engine results page. A lot of orthos who engage bargain-basement SEO consultants end up with optimization strategies that are outdated or even in violation of Google’s best practices. This sort of SEO could actually earn you penalties and make your site even harder to find.

We also deliver unique, high-quality content for your site that will be appealing to both visitors and search engines. Too many orthos’ sites are stuffed with templated, generic content that repeats the same information that can be found in a hundred other places online. As a superior alternative, we give your site distinctive content that encourages visitor engagement and earns better scores for relevance from the search engine.

If you want the best possible results, working with a marketing team that specializes in orthodontic work is a bright idea. It’s the key to boosting your online reputation and your revenues.

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