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Years ago, dentists did not do any form of advertising. It was viewed is distasteful. Then, the big yellow big came out. In today’s digital age, most people now turn to the internet when they are looking for a dentist.

Even if they already have a particular dentist in mind from a friend or family member’s recommendation, they still take the time to look up the dentist online. They check out the dentist’s website and read any reviews posted on other sites.

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Dentistry Is Becoming A Very Competitive Industry

It is widely known just how competitive the dental world is. Just take a drive around any city, and you will likely see a dentist on nearly every corner. It seems like there is no shortage when it comes to choice of dentist. A few years ago the ADA (American Dental Association) performed a study and found surprising result.

For every 100,000 people a city has in their population, there will be between 60 and 80 dentists. In some cities, that number is closer to 100. This means it is more important than ever for dentists to take advantage of digital marketing strategies, including having a successful website using SEO (search engine optimization) to convert views from people searching for a dentist into actual clients.

One of the biggest challenges facing independent dentists is the influx of large corporate dental chains, which have the benefit of a huge marketing budget. It can be quite challenging to try to compete with them, and this is where a successful digital marketing program can really come into play.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Dentists?

According to statistics of small business studies, in order to increase revenue, 3 to 5 percent of your gross revenue should be reinvested into your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing almost always begins with your own website. Is your website effective at turning page views into clients? Are you keeping track of your numbers every month? You need to know how successful your website is as well as how people respond to it if you hope to make improvements. Call tracking is one way to implement tracking, so you can know exactly how many calls your online efforts produce.

How often are you updating your website? When did you last have it redesigned? Many dentist websites are painfully outdated, with the same cookie-cutter information that every other dentist has on their website. There may not even be any branding. This type of generic content can actually turn off visitors, instead of inspiring them to call and schedule an appointment.

Ensure Patients Find Your Website When Searching For Information On Their Issues

Once your website overhauled and updated, you need to ensure that people can actually find it when they search for a dentist using Google or another search engine. It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is if nobody can find you and actually see it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to increase the number of views your website receives. Unfortunately, not all SEO companies are completely legit, so it is important to really investigate any company you consider hiring. It can be disheartening to waste your money on a fly-by-night operation that leaves you disappointed.

Competing for search engine ranking has become increasingly difficult for most dental practices. A good SEO agency can ensure that your dental website reaches the top of both local and general search results. However, the increased competitiveness means prices are going up too, as each agency is requiring more resources in order to achieve top ranking.

However, investing in great dental SEO can help generate 10 to up to 40 new patients every single month. It all depends on how large your city is and how many people in your area are searching online for a new dentist. However, there are always new families moving to every neighborhood, and they will need a dentist. They often go straight to google in their search for services in their new area. These are the people you need to capture!

Dental Marketing Expanded

Besides a successful dental website that has been optimized for search engines, there are other ways to market your practice online such as social media (Facebook and Twitter), video marketing (YouTube), and Pay-per-click (Google ads).

Hiring a good agency that specializes in digital marketing for dentists is essential if you want your practice to succeed. You need to find a company that is not just interested in selling you a single service. You need a partner that will be willing to work with your practice for many years in the future.

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