A New Way To Approach Dental SEO To Achieve Faster Results And More Patients

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SEO is a sore subject for many dentists. Am I speaking to you, too? Dentists have tried search engine optimization, with little success even after investing months. There are several reasons why, and this article will help you both better understand and show you a more effective way we approach SEO for dentists.

Dental Competition is Bigger Than You Think

What is the number one reason dentists fail? Competition. The American Dental Association released staggering numbers. For every city with 100,000 residents, there are 60-100 dentists! Even if only 20% of dentists are hiring SEO companies, you’re competing with 20 or more dentists. Basically, any dentist with a website can rank on Google.

If you are sticking to the standard dental SEO approach, it can take from 6 months to a year to achieve top first page rankings. Top Google ranking SEO keywords like “city dentist’, “porcelain veneers city”, and “cosmetic dentist city” take longer to appear on those coveted first pages.

Unfortunately, we’ve had calls from dentists that struggle landing on the first page even after a year. One client was penalized by bad SEO tactics and couldn’t be found beyond page 10.

Now, assess your own website. Is it designed with a great layout and fantastic, easy-to-find information? What is your ranking right now? Is your site Google-friendly? If it has not been updated in a year, chances are it’s not.

A Revolutionary New Dental SEO Approach

Rank For Hundreds Of Buyer Intent Dental Keywords

Here at the Dental Boost, we understand you want to rank high, but we have exhaustive research proving why that may not the best idea. We decided to take a different approach to our SEO for dental clients. In fact, our method is unmatched in the dentistry field! We are confident there is no other dental SEO company in the US that can do what we do with our trademark speed and effectiveness.

Why Long Tail Buyer Intent is Important for Dental SEO

There is an interesting phrase in SEO terminology called the “Long Tail.” These are keyword phrases of 3 or more words that are a much more specific search request.

When a Google user is not just looking for a dentist but ready to schedule an appointment, they will type in that specific search phrase. For example, they won’t necessarily type “city dentist,” but may type in “female dentist city.”

Here at The Dental Boost, we’ve determined over 1,000 important Long Tail “buyer intent” dental keyword phrases, including all the variations for Invisalign, too.

The typical dental SEO company will boost the main phrase (“city dentist”) and related service phrases like “porcelain veneers city.” In total, this is around 15 keywords. If you’ve had conversations with dental SEO companies, this might be familiar to you.

Our goal with every client is to achieve first page rankings for hundreds of buyer intent phrases. See the image below. Focusing on the Long Tail brings more qualified visitors to your website, the ones who will call your practice to schedule an appointment. We achieve this like no other dental SEO company in the US.

Less Search Volume, More Buyer Intent Keyword Phrases, Greater Total Aggregate

The argument for this approach is that the search volume is lower. That is somewhat correct, but by studying the combined searches in the above image, it is much, much greater. We target nearly 90% of the entire keyword spectrum.

Imagine the ranking for several hundred buyer intent keyword phrases. Even if there is, say one search per month, you can hypothetically get hundreds of qualified monthly calls. And…because no SEO company targets these buyer intent’ phrase, we achieve stunningly fast results that do not take months. Everything we do sticks in Google, since the search engine giant approves our approach.

End Result: You Get An Authority Dental Website

Let us add icing to the cake. When Google grants high rankings to a website chock full of Long Tail content, the general website authority skyrockets. This means that the main terms will raise in the future. Now imagine this authority website in 6 months, dominating your area in Google search results.

In addition, our robust back-end and “Google-safe” (meaning it passed major Google updates maintaining high rankings) method helps you achieve rankings in your area. You get high ranking for thousands of buyer intent dental keyword phrases.

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