Is Your Marketing Company Dropping The Ball?

Frustrated DentistI talk to approximately 10 dentists every week who are unhappy with the results their current marketing company is getting for them. It’s rampant in dentistry. I’m not saying we are the “cure-all-end-all” but there are critical issues that need to be addressed when working with any marketing company, and below I’ll outline them so you are better equipped to hire the next marketing company.

Your Marketing Partner

When you hire a reputable dental marketing company you should view it as a partnership, not just a vendor relationship. Taking this approach sets you up to work together given your current market challenges, which there are many in dentistry, with the competitive landscape in most cities.

You know your demographics better than any of us agency owners. We can do a ton of research online from population of city, how many competing dentists in a 5-mile radius, is your city transient, growing, families, semi-retired or retired? Knowing this will help you work side-by-side with a marketing agency to come up with the best strategies that are hyper-targeted for your ideal patient in your city.

Communication Is Key!

One very important factor we take very seriously is communicating with our clients on a regular basis. This can be as frequent as once a week or at a minimum, once a month to go over reporting, any issues from leads to internal followup, to phone scripting, or new strategies to discuss and possibly implement.

What I hear from most dentists is the marketing company goes dark. Almost completely. They went gangbusters for the first month or two, then slowly went quiet. And their response rate or how long it takes to get back to the dentist for a website request or issues plummets to over 3-5 days, which is completely unacceptable in my book.

What are your expectations with a marketing company when it comes to communication? Do you feel your communication is consistent with your current company? If not, how would you like it to be with the next company you work with?


What I hear a lot is companies not being transparent with what they are doing for the dentist regarding marketing. I had a dentist on a call the other day and he told me every question he asked his current company came back unanswered or a redirect from the company This dentist felt there was no trust left, and he didn’t even know if he was getting anything for the large amount of money he was investing in marketing each month.

Many times our dental clients are too busy with patients and staff to ask many questions about the marketing, but when they do we respond same-day with an answer they feel good about. If it’s still unclear we’ll jump on a quick call at their convenience (schedule permitting) to make sure it’s answered to their satisfaction.


Here is a biggy and even we were guilty of this (unintentionally) years ago. The theory behind marketing is implementing a strategy and seeing if it produces realistic results. What I mean by that is within the timeframe the strategy was in place did it achieve reasonable results you can accept? If it did not, it’s up to your marketing company to collaborate with you and your team and what you think went wrong, and either modify the current strategy or dump it (pivot) and agree on a new strategy.

When I’m consulting with a dentist I will ask what type of marketing is currently being implemented, what were the results, and how long had that strategy been in place? The answers from each dentist I consult with may vary, but the most common answer is it never changes. It’s the same strategy since the first day they started with the marketing agency.

Now if a strategy is working you do not want to mess with it much, but if it’s not and you (the dentist) are not happy with the results, and it’s been live for 90 days, it’s time to make a change and fast!

Know Your Market Potential

This will be the last topic for this article. In every market (city) you have a max or cap on your potential. As a business owner you need to have an idea of what those numbers look like and how much it will cost. This is part of the consult where we can wow the dentist by using data and our proprietary tool to determine the market potential and cost, as well as where you are currently, compared to your competitors.

This report ($500) is a real eye-opener for you to have a realistic outlook on how many patients you can get and a real number of how much that will cost based on traffic numbers.


I hope you found this article valuable. If you are looking for a reputable dental marketing agency that really has your back. Is 100% transparent. Will communicate with you as much as you need. Will respond to any request within 24 hours but typically a lot faster, let’s set up a time for us to talk. Click here now to take the next step



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