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Get More Invisalign Patients From Google - SEO

Implementing SEO strategies to attract more Invisalign patients is a very effective approach to quickly increase your Orthodontic revenues. Because Invisalign is a bigger investment, people will do their research before they make a decision. This is a great opportunity for you to be the dominate Invisalign doctor in your city.

Let’s address the elephant in the room right away!

You may (or may not) have had some bad experiences with search engine optimization companies in the past. I’ve had hundreds of calls with orthodontists who have been burned by shady SEO agencies. It’s painful to listen to, and more painful for the orthodontist who invested large amounts of money in hopes of higher rankings; more traffic; and more importantly more Invisalign patients.

If you do your due diligence ahead of time, you will avoid this from happening. Check the results they’ve gotten for other Orthodontist clients. Talk to a few of their clients. Do they lock you into a long contract (a year or longer)? Once you’ve done this, your decision doesn’t have to be scary anymore.

Invisalign Marketing Is Emotional

When you have Invisalign content written for your website, it has to resonate with the web visitor when they land on your Invisalign page. Most of the content we review before we get brought on is too “we” focused, and not enough “you” focused.

People really don’t care about how great you are, they care more about what you can do for them. So from the very first words they see, to the first few sentences you need to grab them with empathy, compassion and understanding. Invisalign marketing has got to reach them deep down at an emotional level.

Invisalign Keywords

When people are researching Invisalign, they may be using many different variations of the main term. Because of this, you need to make sure you have content that covers all the variations. In fact, if you want to purely dominate your city for Invisalign, you can create separate content pages for clear braces, clear aligners, invisible braces and other phrases.

Also, make sure you have unique (not copied anywhere else on the Internet) content for both teens and adults. These also should be separate pages on your orthodontic website.

Buyer Intent Is Where It’s At

You want to optimize for “buyer intent” keyword phrases as well. For example “cost of Invisalign” is a really good one. Anyone who types this into google is a warm prospect for your practice. When you create this page I would strongly recommend putting a price range on that page.

I know it can vary, but when people see you are putting some numbers on your website they will trust you more than your competitor who has a “cost of Invisalign” page and does not have any numbers at all. People feel manipulated when they click and see this.

Think strategically of all the words (phrases) that people would type in that qualifies them as a serious searcher and a very warm prospect for your Invisalign treatment. I’ll give you another one. “invisalign vs braces”. When people search this phrase they are very interested and wanted to know the best option for them.

Local Maps Marketing For Invisalign

Get Ranked For Your Invisalign In The Maps Section of Google Results PageLook at the screenshot to the right. You can clearly see how prominent the maps section is when looking at the whole search resuls page of google.

This is a huge opportunity for you to grow the Invisalign division of your orthodontic practice.  Maps is the most prominent section of the first page of google, with lots of great information right on the page for people to click or call, even from their phone.

Local SEO for maps is getting more and more competitive, as orthodontists are realizing the value of being in the top 3 of maps on the first page. In fact, google now is showing an ad in the 3-pack as they know how valuable that area is for local business owners.

Many ortho’s think it’s just number of reviews that gets top maps rankings and that is just not true. There are dozens and dozens of other ranking factors to get in the coveted 3-pack on the first page. Your on-page optimization, your google business page optimization, backlinks, social signals, relevancy and other elements play a critical role.

Optimize Youtube Invisalign Videos

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the biggest (google). It is critical you have videos on your website and on youtube. Unfortunately, most of the ortho sites we review have no videos, and that is a lost opportunity to create engagement with your website visitors, and ultimately conversions into scheduled appointments from these strategic videos.

Having FAQ type videos, testimonials and even fun bio videos can set you apart in your area.

Make sure every video you shoot, gets first uploaded to youtube, and optimize that youtube video page to it’s fullest for maximum SEO benefit. What I mean is each video should be treated like its own landing page. Just like how you optimize a webpage for conversions. Do the same for each youtube video. Then geo-tag the video before you embed on your orthodontic website.

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