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Invisalign Marketing System with Dr David Eshom

Marketing Invisalign in your practice is a smart investment. The ROI can be 4:1, 8:1, even 10:1 or higher. Less chair time. And more appealing to consumers, especially adults who do not want to wear traditional braces.

Invisalign has a huge brand awareness in the marketplace, and yet most of the orthodontists (and dentists) I speak to are not happy with their Invisalign production. I want to give you some proven marketing tips for Invisalign that will attract more potential patients to your website, and convert them once they consume your content per my Invisalign marketing tips below.

1. Video Marketing For Invisalign

Video is exploding! Over 65% of all Internet traffic is video and growing. If you are not utilizing video in your marketing, you are missing out on dozens and dozens of new Invisalign cases each month!

People will consume a 60 video over an 800-word article every single time. There are many video marketing strategies you can implement that will get your website visitors to engage and take action.

No excuse when smartphones are more than enough for a quality web video.

FAQ Videos

Put together 5-10 sixty-second videos answering the most asked questions. I would do one thorough (60 seconds) answer per video. This will position you as the authority for Invisalign in your city. People looking for answers before they make a decision will find you first.

Testimonial Videos

This may not be a shocker to you, but how many do you have on your website currently? I would get videos from each demographic you are going after. So that might be one teenage boy, one teenage girl, one adult female and one adult male. That way you are hitting your entire market and not leaving anyone out.

Try to get one or two emotional ones that really changed the patients life. People love emotional videos.

2. Use Before And After Invisalign Images Everywhere

This is one of the most common marketing strategies for Invisalign and yet most orthodontists (and dentists) don’t use them as much as they should, if at all. In fact, if you truly want to increase your Invisalign production, I would have them on EVERY page of your website, so people know you are the “go-to” Invisalign expert in your area.

You can have them in your sidebar on every page, with a button they click to get to your main Invisalign marketing page.

3. Invisalign Content That Speaks To Your Visitor

We have analyzed over 500 orthodontic websites, and the majority of them are missing the mark. All the Invisalign content is too “we” focused and not enough “you” focused.

People don’t care about you. They want to know what you can do for them. Do me a favor and do a “view source” on your Invisalign pages. Then do a search for the words “we”, “us” and “our”. You will be stunned how many show up. Then do one for “you” and see how few of them you have.

Get your Invisalign content re-written to be “you” focused!

People’s smile and misaligned teeth are a very emotional issue. Speak to those emotions in your web copy. Be empathetic and futurecast, where you have them imagine that beautiful smile with perfectly straight white teeth.

Have an emotional video testimonial on your homepage. People will resonate with it and hire you as their Invisalign doctor.

4. Highlight Invisalign Financing Options

Of the hundreds of orthodontists we’ve interviewed, we found out over 90% of all ortho (and Invisalign) cases were financed. This is a massive conversion tip for all of your marketing, both online and offline.

Of course you have a “financing” page, but since most people base their purchasing decisions on cost, why not address the elephant in the room right on your homepage, as well as every page (sidebar) of your website.

If people knew they could get Invisalign from your practice for as low as $100 a month, they would sign up in droves. Many consumers know it’s expensive but are not aware of the payment options that bring it down to a manageable amount for nearly anyone.

This is how to grow your Invisalign practice much quicker.


5. Celebrity Endorsement For Invisalign

This is where you get a local TV personality who is very popular in the community and on social media. Social media is key. Then offer it to them at cost, or better yet for free and in return, they document the entire process both with a couple of television spots and more importantly on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter and even pinterest).

This will attract more adults as the TV personality will most likely be in their late 20’s, 30’s or older. Your cost is say $2,000, but the exposure could be worth 10 or 50 times that amount.

6. Use An Invisalign Photo Book In Your Reception Area

I know, I know! This does not sound sexy or 2018 does it? But…imagine having a nice looking photo book of all your before and after Invisalign cases city on the table in the reception area.

Think of all the parents sitting their while their kids are doing their appointments. And make sure in the book, you mention financing and have a call to action to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Implement these tips and you’ll become a Top 1% Invisalign provider in no time.


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