Images You Should NEVER Use On Social Media For Your Practice…It Will Ruin Your Business

I was just doing a podcast recording with Bonnie Hixson of The Progressive Dentist, and I ranted about something, that I’m now going to write about in this article.

As we all know, social media is exploding. Facebook is still growing (don’t understand why); Twitter is there, but mostly a newsfeed now; Instagram is `on the up, then Snapchat and others.

So here’s the rant I made on the podcast.

Dentists: Stop showing gnarly images of bloody mouths, rotted out teeth, and scary instruments in patients mouths. To come across a social media post and see this is enough to make you throw up your lunch. And in fact, I was eating lunch one day and scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across this image:Nasty oral surgeon Instagram image

As you can see this was an oral surgeon Instagram account.

People already fear going to a dentist, so this is not helping the matter at all!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across this on social media. Instagram is the worse. But I’ve seen it on Facebook a ton, and also twitter.

You want to ATTRACT new patients, not repel them!

Here is another one from a dental implant dentist:

Again, do you really think anyone wants to see this?

I understand you may be proud of what you do, and the work you do, but you’ve got to think of the other person on social media coming across this while they are surfing.

This may be appropriate for a private dental forum where you share cases among peers. But not publicly.

Here’s the type of dental image that SHOULD be used on social media:

Notice how I made the nasty ones smaller in this article, and this last one bigger? Because the last one doesn’t make you throw up your lunch for starters! And it’s having fun in a dental practice, which would put a person at ease about going to that dentist. That’s called “smart marketing!”

The moral of the story is to post on social media for your potential patient not for your own reasons.



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