Images You Must Have On Your Dental Website For You To Standout

Images  For Dental Website To Standout

After analyzing over 2500 dental websites the past 10 years I see a common theme across the majority of them. It is so important for you to read this article as it can directly improve your bottom line revenues.

I need you to understand your website is the hub to your dental business online. Many times it’s the first impression someone will have of your practice. As they say…”you can’t take back a first impression”.

Picture your website like your home. Would you want a guest to come over for the first time with weeds in your yard, cracks in the driveway, chipped paint, and a dirty entryway leading to the front door?

This how serious you should take your website and how it can quickly give someone a bad impression and they are gone forever.

Most of the dental websites I’ve analyzed are cookie-cutter websites with no branding, stock images that are seen on every dental website, and duplicate content (which google penalizes) also seen on every website to name just a few.

Let’s stay focused on one main issue that you can fix right away even if you have one of the mentioned above type websites. The images (photos) you must have to set your practice apart from all your competitors.

Custom Dental Website Photos Needed

Family: Yes…to show people you are a real person like them, they need to see the personal side of you. This would be a picture of you with your family. This type of image is endearing to the visitor and can drop their guard (fear) of going to a dentist. For them to see a picture of your family all smiling in a casual environment will do wonders for your custom dental website.

Team: It is critical your website visitor see the people they will be interacting with before they even come in for their first visit. This image can be from a couple of different styles. The one I prefer is one where everyone is casually dressed in an outdoor setting. People don’t want to be reminded of the pain and fear of going to a dental office by seeing the team in scrubs in the office or an operatory. Make it real!

Individual Team Members: This is also where you can set your dental business apart from all the rest. Have each team member get a family picture, especially having fun, and then an individual one of the them as well. This shows she/he is a real person with a family. I have not seen this type of format on many websites, but we urge all our clients to do it. With smartphones this can easily and quickly be done on a weekend.

Office: Imagine someone coming to your practice for the first time. They see the outside first, then walk through the door to the reception, then waiting room. They then are walked down the hallway to an operatory. Where they come in see the operatory, then sit down. Give them the experience of all that through your images (photos). If you are not comfortable taking these pictures then you might want to first work on the aesthetics of your office which is a whole other topic.

Before and Afters: Even though I have this last, this is the one that can add significant revenues to your dental business FAST! When people are searching for a dentist, especially for cosmetic or restorative work, they want to see the types of results they can expect from you. One of the only ways online is with before and after images. Be proud to show off the results on your website. Be cognizant to take these types of pictures with any cosmetic patient (with their approval of course) and watch your conversions go through the roof!

Your Next Step

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