Optimize Images For Your Dental Website

Dental Images And Search Engine Optimization Rankings

Doctor dentistWe get a lot of dentists contacting us wondering why they are not getting anything from their websites. They are disappointed with their poor rankings in google, and they are just not getting any traffic or phone calls. This is a common call we take on a weekly basis.

Optimization Strategy

I want to discuss a strategy that will get your dental website more traffic and even better rankings. It’s making better use of images on your website. I know what you’re going to say. You already have images on your site, so you don’t need to know right?


What I see with most of the dental websites is stock images from google, that every other dental site has on it, and even worse, they are not optimized to get found in google image search.

In search engine marketing language, we call it SEO Image Optimization. It’s where you apply some code to each image for google to find it, and insert it into the google image search feature. Depending on how competitive the search term is, you can rank in google organic image search, and attract more visitors to your website.

Image Optimization Tip #1: Alt Text

When you’re on a webpage and see a picture of a happy dentist, you recognize it right away.

In regards to the search engine spiders, they can’t recognize it unless you help them by using alt text.

What is image alt text?

The simple answer is, it




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