How To Stand Out From All The Other Dentists In Your Area

I speak to dozens of dentists every week. Some are client calls, many are dentists interested in our dental marketing services. The common theme is always “we need more patients!”. Every business wants more customers, clients or patients, but the question I always ask is “so how are attracting them?”

Dentistry is an ultra-competitive market, with a dentist every block in every city in the US. Sometimes many all on the same block or building. We worked with a dentist here in Scottsdale who had 79 dentists within 1.2 miles of his practice. With this level of saturation, it is unfortunate, but people view dentists as a commodity. They know they should go, but statistics show over half the population does not have a dentist. This is a huge opportunity for the dental office that has effective marketing, branding and patient experience.

What’s Your USP?

In marketing we refer to the USP as your Unique Selling Proposition. In order to stand above the crowded marketplace, your dental business must offer people unique and distinctive benefit above and beyond that of your competitors. If you don’t, people have no motivation to do business with you instead of your competition.

You must identify and understand what it is you or your dental business (practice) does or can start doing for your patients that provides them with a result or an advantage superior to your competition’s.

Important: When you (and your team) identify what that distinct advantage is, you then must integrate it into all your promotional, marketing, advertising and selling operations.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing on their websites, in front of their office, and in the community. It will be no surprise…but many, if not most have no USP, so this will make it much easier for you to come up with one and win!

Push your team to brainstorm ideas. It’s not enough to say things like “free wifi”, “TVs in the ceiling”, “water or coffee”, “we treat you like our family”. Every dental practice says this. This will put you even with your competitors but never ahead.

This One Was A Winner

On one of my monthly calls with a dental client I got his office manager, he and 2 assistants on a group call. And pushed and pushed them to keep digging until the office manager blurted out, “our patients get in to see the doctor in 5 minutes!”

Boom! There it was! A tagline (USP) was born. “Wait Longer Than 5 Minutes And Your Next Movie (for 2) Is On Us!”

We put that on their homepage, Facebook, in the email signature of every email that goes out, on the next dental postcard (yes mail still works), and a sign in the waiting room of the practice.

What To Do Next

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