How To Rank Your Dental Service Pages Fast And Get More Patients Right Now

dental-google-rankingsIn today’s article I want to show you how you can rank your service pages fast (i.e. Invisalign, dental implants, sedation dentist, emergency dentist) on your dental or orthodontic website to rank higher in Google right now.


Here’s the deal…

One of Google’s ranking factor is what we call bounce rate. Bounce rate is how long someone stays on a page when they click from a Google search and land on that page. If that visitor leaves your page (hits the back button) within 5 to 20 seconds that page will have very little chance of ranking in Google.

A few years ago, tech writer Steven Levy wrote an insider account of google called Inside The Plex, in his book, Steven states…

“on the most basic level google could see how satisfied users were…the best sign of their happiness with the ‘long click’.”

In other words…

…when someone clicks on a link to your site and stick around, it sends a very strong signal to google that your page makes searchers happy. When people quickly leave your site, it tells google the completely opposite. It shows them your page isn’t a good fit for that keyword (such as Invisalign, etc…), and google will soon devalue that page and the rankings will go down and never come back.. Not good for your business.

We see this all the time with dental and orthodontic websites. Most we see are Cookie-cutter websites, with duplicate content that provide no value to the visitor. This is a very serious problem!

What I want you to embrace is the fact that this will dramatically affect your websites ability to attract visitors, which ultimately negatively affects the number of people who will call your practice to schedule an appointment.

Provide Value, Empathy And Informative Content

It is critical you think about what you put together on a content page especially for any of your services that are high value like Invisalign, Braces, Dental Implants or Sedation Dentistry. You must make  sure the content grabs them right away, so they want to read more. That content has to be a value to its visitor. It has to speak to their emotions, their desires and their wants, and…answer all the questions they have going on in their minds.

So many times when we review a dental or orthodontic website, we see they have the same content as hundreds of other websites because the marketing company didn’t take the time to create unique dental content for each client (we do!).

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This type of content has no value to the visitor. It does not answer any of their questions or concerns and it is not emphatic. When you think of putting together a content page write it for the visitor and their emotions. When you do this you will connect with them. When you connect with them they are more likely to pick up the phone and call your practice for an appointment.

Use Videos On Your Website

Another tip is to add a video which is specific to the content of that page. I am not referring to the “canned” videos you can buy, I am talking about you, the dentist (or orthodontist) doing your own videos using a smart phone.

We have found with our clients… that adding a video at the top of a content page that basically summarizes what that content is…will draw them in, and they will stay on your page for as long as the video is. And we recommend a video to be no longer than 90 seconds to 120 seconds which is 2 minutes.

That video will grab then immediately and Google will see this as a much much higher Stick Rate for your webpage which will give you a better chance to rank it in Google. And as we know, in our Search Engine Optimization service, if we can get our client’s visitors to stay on the page longer we have seen time and time again that page ranking higher in Google.

Don’t Forget This…

Another tip for writing your content is to breakup the content so people can skim and get to what they are looking for. Never have long paragraphs of text. Always breakup paragraphs with sub heads and make sure your paragraph length is no longer than 3 sentences. This will make it easy for a visitor to skim the page and get to the section they want to get to find the answer they are looking for.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned issue (bounce rate) is one of only 200 ranking factors for google, but it’s a big one. Getting high quality backlinks for your site and pages is still at the top, which requires SEO. But get this one taken care of on every page of your website, and you are that much closer to attracting more visitors and converting them into new patients.


The Bottom Line…

If your dental or orthodontic website has content that does not answer the visitors questions; is not empathetic; does not connect with their emotions; is the same content used on hundreds of other websites; and is not easily consumable, they will not stay long enough to read it, and google will not give you high rankings.

It Gets Worse…

You may feel you offer the best dental or orthodontic treatment in your area, and you may feel your website looks the best, but if no one can find you when they are searching for your services, it’s all for not!

Don’t get stuck in this rut. You’ve invested in your website. You have a great team that produces outstanding results, now make sure people can find you to experience this.

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