The Key Components Of A Successful Patient Referral System

Referral System - Dental Podcast

Every dental office wants more referrals, but are you implementing a referral system consistently? Are you accurately tracking how effective it is and the results you’re currently getting from it? On today’s podcast episode Dr Dave Rominski of Doctor Referral Institute gives you some great tips on how to increase the referrals to your office.

Here is what we talked about on the show:

  • Why referral development is the best way to grow a practice? Establish a baseline and understanding what you have to offer referral offices. What does your qualification sheet look like? Where are you at currently? What you should know about your own clinic before approaching referral sources? What is the right messaging? What do referral sources care about?
  • Targeting the right referral sources. How to create value for referring providers? Why should they trust you? What’s in it for them? What do they care about? What you should be talking to them about?
  • Make it a referral system. How often should you be at referring providers? When to move on to a different referral source. Should I do meet and greets or lunches? How do I know if it’s truly working? How to create a sustainable, systematic approach to referral development.

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