How To Get More Dental Patients With Twitter

hygienist-on-twitterAs a dentist, I’m sure you’ve heard how important social media is in attracting more new patients. And twitter should be near the top of your list in regards to time investment.

The younger demographic is exploding on twitter at the moment. You need to seize that market, and engage with them.

The big issue with dentists, and business owners is the lack of ROI with not only twitter, but all social media.

As a marketing professional, I would tell you, you need to position your practice EVERYWHERE your patients and prospects are, and that is Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

By the time you’re done reading this article, I hope I’ve instilled in you the importance to get a team member (and you too) to get creative, have fun, and post on twitter daily if possible.

Tips On How To Use Twitter In Your Practice

You might be thinking, “how do I use twitter in my practice”?


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