How To Attract More Cosmetic Dentistry Patients And Get More High Value Cases

Do you want to learn how to attract more cosmetic dentistry patients?
Would you like to be positioned as “the cosmetic dentist” in your area?
Are you interested in getting more “fee for service” patients?


If you answered yes to at least one of the above, you’ll want to read this article right now!

Let me ask you…

What would it feel like to get a patient to schedule an 8 veneer case? Or, a full-mouth restoration? How many of these cases are you scheduling each month? Depending on your area the above can mean $10,000 or more to your practice per case. A full mouth restoration can be $40,000 or more per case.

I have many conversations with dentists who get uncomfortable talking about money and revenues. I know many of you love dentistry. And love the results you get for your patients. But…you are also in business to make money and provide for your family, so treating your practice like a business and being able to discuss revenues is critical.

When it comes to trying to get more cosmetic cases, many of you feel uncomfortable “selling” to get patients to commit. I completely understand this, as I have been in a dentist chair, where the dentist started quoted prices and pushing for me to make a decision. It was a horrible feeling, and I did not want to go back.

Why You Should Keep Reading…

The rest of this article is going to show you how to secure more high-value cosmetic cases without ever having to “sell” during the appointment. Can you imagine how that will feel to get people scheduling these cases sometimes without even having the first appointment (consultation)?

Education-Based Marketing Is The Approach You Need

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, people want to know what they are getting, and what are their options. The more information you can provide them via your website, and emails, the more informed they’ll feel to choose you for their procedure.

Remember…people get on google in “research mode”. 

If a visitor lands on your webpage about porcelain veneers, and you answer all their questions, and provide the next step, you are more than likely going to get a new cosmetic dental patient.

I can tell you I have not come across more than a handful of cosmetic dental websites that have great information geared to the visitor, not just stating what they do like most websites do.

Becoming The Cosmetic Dental Authority

We can help you develop a marketing strategy that will position you as the authority in your area. When people are looking for a cosmetic dentist for their smile makeover, restoration or all upper veneers, and they land on your webpage with a video and valuable information, and designed for them to take action, you get the new patient and not your competitor.

We’ve seen it with a lot of our cosmetic dental client. One client launched a veneer video, and within a week landed a $15,000 veneer case, and the patient said it was because of the video she saw on the website.

It’s All About Content Marketing Strategy

Content is more important than ever for your website. If you have cookie-cutter, duplicate content written by the design company who created your website, you will not win in google, and your visitor will quickly realize it is of no value to them, and leave your website, and find one of your competitors.

The exciting thing about digital marketing is the ability to focus on any cosmetic, dental or orthodontic service you want to; create unique content (articles and videos); and people will find you via search.

When these web searchers find you, consume your content, it’s game over! They will call you for the appointment.

Attract More Fee For Service Cases

The great thing about these web searchers finding your great content is they are more willing to pay cash for the work, as they have not found you because you carry their insurance coverage.

Which means more revenues for your practice.

Content Marketing Tip: Very popular searches are “vs” or “comparison” terms like veneers vs crowns. Or, dental implants compared to crowns. Invisalign vs traditional braces. I could go on, but why not contact us and we can get started on your new, high-converting dental content.




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