Top Invisalign Provider Discusses Marketing Investment To Grow Your Revenues

How Much To Invisalign In Invisalign Marketing by Dr David Eshom - Top Invisalign Provider

Today we have a 4-time returning guest. The number 1 Invisalign provider in the country for solo practice owners, Dr David Eshom. He has built a very impressive Invisalign division of his dental practice that does close to $2 million a year, which is separate from his other dentistry. We have a very candid and open discussion of how much a dentist should invest in marketing to stay ahead of the competition and grow.

This is probably the most open discussion about money and dental practices that are out there, but one that was needed and dentists need to understand the landscape has become very competitive with corporates and Smile Direct spending an enormous amount on marketing and advertising.

Here is what we talked about on the podcast:

  • How to get more Invisalign website traffic.
  • Most effective strategy to focus on.
  • How much to invest each month to rapidly grow your Invisalign revenues./li>
  • Step up to beat your competition.

Resources: Website: Invisalign Dentist
Dr Eshom’s Website: Eshom DDS
Dave’s Email:

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