Having A Covid Testing Program At Your Dental Office

Today’s guest is going to talk about the importance of having a Covid testing program in your dental office.

Brian Stern is the CEO of Heed Health. Heed delivers clinically-backed COVID-19 testing, monitoring, and advisory solutions to businesses (including many dental offices) and individuals privately in their homes.

Brian spent the past 20 years involved in Private Equity, VC, and start-ups as a partner and operator of a fund focused on Biotech and Medical Tech. Hi background is focused on growth and operations of companies. Brian quickly addressed the lack of testing and guidance at the onset of this pandemic and put together a solid medical team, and operating team during the first two weeks of Covid.

Welcome to the show Brian.

Topics We Covered:

1. For all essential businesses who are open to some extent can you talk a little bit about the need for a workplace testing program?
2. With the numbers still high especially in the big cities what’s the state of testing in your opinion?
3. The positive side to all of this is the vaccine. What are you thoughts on that and also the need for testing after the vaccine?

Website: Heed Health

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